Monday, August 8

august update

wow, this feels like i haven't written anything here in a long time! well, now i have a while to let you know about how i've been doing lately..

but first!!! i got on-line after a week or so and what do i see!! all these cool people getting xanga's and other blogs!!! oh my kidneys!!! :)) so, make sure you visit them! some of these are brand new and some of these are new to me ;)

ok, so first, some of the camp fellas have blogs>
cat(arina) aka slovakmagica (on the left)
first lady jenny (in the middle)
and finally, kelly the 'jozefina' ;) (on the right)

todd willison is posting again! what i am extremely glad about! keep it up, todd! and you guys, fear his dance!!! haha! ;))

now, my fellas dominik, rudo (kuraci vlas) and ethan ledak have their xanga's but the first 2 just started so cheer'em up! ;) plus, kathy lesondak has one as well!!! and i am so sure there are more people i know starting their xangas but there's no way to keep track of that!!! ;)


well, it seems like the summer's gone already! it's already mid-august and i feel like we should still have 3 more months of vacation and sun and water and fun stuff! unfortunately, it's not so. but! this summer's been an extremely good summer so far! it all started with my trip to greece to visit janka and have some 'real' vacation near the sea :)

then the english camp and the christian camp both were just awesome! i wish i could write more about that time but i just don't know where to start.. and, you know, then you get into detail and all these inside jokes and stuff that only people who were right there would understand.. so i think there's not much use in starting with that..

just had to show you this pic of the coolest band ever!! thx, p*!!
i will try to bring you some more pictures or links tho when i get a chance to get to them, k? ;)

the real highlight of post-camp time was camping with da fellas!!! ;)) haha, we had a blast and i will not write about it more 'cause you would be jealous! :) no, the true reason is that both aaron and jano did a great job writing about this.. so check their posts about camping out!!
bloody mosquitos by jano
aaron's post

and now, the past week i've spent with vox (the brno choir) in a lil town called jevicko here in czech republic. once again, it was a terrific week full of singing and fun stuff like eating and sleeping ;), night games, coffee talks, evening walks.. you know what i mean? just a good time with your friends. as i think about that, i am so thankful for having that many good friends around me! in vox i instantly found a group of these peeps and we somehow naturally formed this some kind of click. this past week i had an opportunity to get to know them even better..
and also, once again this was a good opportunity for me to get away from daily troubles and stress and just relax in sort of way. not that i would have that many stressfull events to deal with daily but you know how good it is to just get away sometimes.. does this all make sense? ;)

now, i don't have many pictures from jevicko since my memory card was full i could take more.. but i have some ;)

my vox friends> peca, pavlinka, ondrik (l-r) ;)

visit of a local cemetery (don't ask why)

a cute lil bee (or a big one?) on of the cemetery flowers..

see, i told you i didn't have that many good pics.. just some random ones and tha's it.. but whatevah!!! ;))

ok, gotta say bye for now.. i spent here 2 hours already and haven't checked all of your blogs yet and haven't checked my e-mails AT ALL!!! and my bus to slovakia leaves at 4:35pm!!! help!! ;)) haha!

have a great week! love ya!

there's no hope.
that's it.

thank you.


cabooga said...

Yeah for a nice long entry about everything that is Stano! I should update too.. but after reading all of yours and other peeps, my life just SO isn't interesting! I'm not doing any traveling, I don't have a job, I'm living at home for the rest of the summer.. I'm SO being a bum on a log, although I did see a whole hill catch on fire Saturday night (!!) Anyway.. I'll get around to it sooner or later and in the mean time it was perfect to hear about you!

filipka said...

ahoj stano... niet nic lepsie ako dlhy update...

stano said...

:) yeah, carrie, you should update! ;) just kidding, look at me, i do it once a month now! shame on me! ;) but, wait a sec, i don't have a job either! ;(
flipka, to bolo sarkasticke, alebo jakoze normalne myslene? ;))