Friday, March 24

another weekend in trnava

Garage deLuxe peeps at the choir ball, trnava

after a real busy week in brno (tons of teaching and a lack of sleep) here i am for a real busy weekend in trnava! :) got my new passport today, hung out with my stylist :)), went to the B for a summer camp meeting (so excited already!!), helped janka some with her thesis, and now am headed for a choir practise.
tomorrow i am going to bratislava with petra to visit her family and just hang out in the capital :) and sunday there's church and then a long expected grandma visit :))
have a good weekend!
and, here's one more picture from the ball.. my oh my.. :)

janka and me dancing like .. drunks! ;) well, almost :)

more pictures from the ball>

Monday, March 20

spring's here!! :)

i had a short and exhausting but though great weekend! i saw seggi after a long time which was cool! ;) and now, back to work..

have a good week! :D

Tuesday, March 14

i'm lazy..

p-star and I with frozen smiles

hey there. i've had a great weekend in trnava and i'm glad i can share some pics (thx, petra & megan!) btw, how do you like my new profile pic? :)) haha..
i've been so lazy this week!! i'm unable to tidy my room and prepare for the classes i teach because i am such a carpet knight (?-i found that expression in the dictionary, is it Br or Am?)!

oh, what a close-up!

Sunday, March 12

question of the day

"how many sundays are there in a week?"

by petra-star during the fellowship financial meeting, said a week instead of a year :)
(answer: one)

Saturday, March 11


hey there.. how's your weekend? 'cos mine is sooo good (so far)! :) after a month in trnava it's so cool to hang out with family and friends and just relax.. last nite we had a choir gathering and we had some wine and talked until almost 1am! cool..
superstar last nite ended for barbora baluchova who sorta was my favorite, not as a singer tho, just as a personality..

barbora baluchova

tonite we are having a party at the B and i am looking forward to more hanging out and also for church tomorrow morning. so, have a good one!! :)

Wednesday, March 8

coming to trnava for the weekend.. i will see you soon! :)

who was talking about mad hairdo skillz?!! :) [more pics]

Wednesday, March 1

looong winter

gosh, this winter's been extremely long! today it snowed again!! and it's march already!!! i'm tired of it..
hope you all've been doing good. i am fine here in brno, teaching as usually. i've been sick a little this week, just sore throat tho (i hope it will go away soon). that's all from my boring life :)
(even tho is usually not this boring)

dear friends, i miss you!