Sunday, October 30

simply me.. :)

hey guys.. i am trying to update more often but it is rather unreal.. :) hope you all are having a great sunday! 'cause i am! :) the whole weekend i spent with my choir practising for the big concert next week so that those of you who are coming will have fun! :) and, i had a good lunch and coffee at my mother's house just a while ago (she'll be glad i wrote that :) and now i am waiting for petra and we will go to the hymn sing at miriam's and megan's..

last weekend was really cool, too! mrrr, beth and gina came to czech republic and we went to "darwin and design" conference in prague together.. the conference was really cool and after that we went to brno for another fun time.. of course went shopping to h&m.. :) we had tons of fun even tho we were so tired! they left for trnava on monday morning..

due to lack of sleep the night before the confrerence, past week was really physically tiring.. i was teaching a lot and going to school too (which seldom happens anyway) and on thursday i crashed.. i was suuposed to go to school and teach some after the lecture but i overslept and i just couldn't get out of bed.. so i took 6 extra hours and instead of getting up at 6.30am i made it out of bed by 12.30... :)))

well, hope this week will be better!! :)) haha
have a good one!

Wednesday, October 26

about the previous post..

ok, ok, i have to say this - the previous entry didn't show pictures of my only friends, nor my only best friends, nor anything more confusing.. i just posted SOME pictures of SOME of my good friends.. so kelly, carrie, and others - i didn't mean to offend you.. even tho i didn't post your pictures, you are my friends and i love you !!! :)))
is that clear enough? :)

Tuesday, October 25

pictures of my friends..

hey guys, i was just looking at all of your blogs after some time and found some really cool pictures i would like to share with all of you!! enjoy! :)

erin andrews as a cowgirl @ Mrs_Legolas82

rebekah and max (aka mary) @ dale and susan ellison

mad babysitting skilz @ timmmblogg

aaronious @ flipka's xanga

ethan, jenny and aaron @ First_Lady_Jenny

kate miner and her sweet nephew mark @ kate's blogspot

noah temple and his sweet niece lucy @ noha's slovak xanga :)

naomi with her boyfriend @ tiny dancer

"did you love it? i loved it.."


tickets to a concert

if there's anyone that would like to come to the 17. annual concert of trnava's very own choir tirnavia and wants tickets in advance, please leave me a kidney here or let me know any other way to get you a ticket. i can buy cheaper tickets for you by the end of the week. (50Sk, after sunday it will be 100Sk).

the concert is going to take place in trnava's theater on 11/05/05 (saturday), starting at 7pm. i am looking forward to seing you there!!! :)

Friday, October 21

invitation to a concert

crazy cool people

reuben and ashley lesondak - check out their xanga's!

i love this picture.. thanks for posting, reuben! i miss you guys a lot!

Tuesday, October 18

trnava choir days 2005

vox iuvenalis, brno - the winner of secular music cathegory 2005

as you can see, the weekend was good.. :) our choir did win after all, even tho it wasn't our best performance ever and there were better choirs there.. as in general, we had tons of fun with my czech friends in my home town.. it was a really weird feeling to have them there 'cause the two of my worlds blended into one and it was just weird.. but good and tiring, too.

i was also glad to spent some time with the B peeps on sunday nite and i enyjoyed a beer with noah and the whole fun evening.. weekends seem to be more busy than weekdays!!!

i am totally ditching school this week but the reason is that we are having only one class this week and i just think it's boring.. and it's supposed to be in english but it's not and the only thing in english are slides and there are like 5 mistakes on each slide.. i mean, everybody does mistakes, but it's hard for me to concentrate on subject because i correct them in my mind unintentionally and then i feel like working again :)

off to do something usefull ;)) ttyl

Wednesday, October 12

a good day

i just simply love living in this appartment in brno! today one of my students cancelled her class so i had an evening off and i got home sooner than i thought.. i cooked a green and red pepper soup (?!) and had a blast with my flatmates. they are seriously the best ever!! we were laughing so hard that my eyes got really wet and janka couldn't stop laughing for good ten minutes :) then we started "fighting" and at one point we were all lying on the carpet piled up like a sandwich.. i was at the very bottom, choking from the weight of my roomates and laughing so hard!! it made my day!! :)

tomorrow i am going back to trnava for sort of a weekend - there is this annual choir festival in trnava and i am going to sing in 2 choirs at 5 different concerts during 3 upcoming days.. woo, i will be pretty warn out after all that but i am also very excited for my 2 choirs to meet there!!! :) tirnavia is going to sing during the opening ceremonies and vox will do the same and compete in addition to that..

i am off to bed and will leave you with my favorite part of what i read today in prince caspian (a book of chronicles of narnia by c. s. lewis):

"aslan, aslan. dear aslan," sobbed lucy. "at last."
the great beast rolled over on his side so that lucy fell, half sitting and half lying between his front paws. he bent forward and just touched her nose with his tongue. his warm breath came all round her. she gazed up into the large wise face.
"welcome child," he said.
"aslan," said lucy, "you're bigger."
"that is because you are older, little one," answered he.
"not because you are?"
"i am not. but every year you grow, you will find me bigger."

susan, peter and lucy

pictures from jano's and mata's wedding

congratulations, zitnanski!!! :)

well, gotta tell you that the wedding was really cool and sweet and both mata and jano looked so cute!!! :) i was more than honoured to be jano's best man and to witness the marriage. here are just a couple pictures from my camera but there'll be more to share later>

the reception dinning room

cute car decoration :)

this is not the first marital kiss but i suppose it's alright :D

aren't they cute?! :)

matka and jano's mother

pictures from sunday's youth group

l-r> jakub, janka, megan, noah

janka a juraj kohutovci

mishka talking and janka's arm :)

juraj sleeping and talking at the same time!! :) only juraj could do that..

dan emerson (!!!) travelled all the way from the usa to come for jano's and mata's wedding and he joined us for youth group, too.

miriam and dan's son jamin

l-r> matka, dan, jano

l-r> janka, dan, swyna :)

pictures from vox's concert in husinec last friday

save the nature :)

girls practising their part..

one of husinec's streets

another street :)

close friends from vox..

Tuesday, October 11

fall weather

on my way from school today i walked thru a forest we have close to our appartment in brno and it was so pretty! i have to take off both of my sweaters (for the morning was too chilly for a shirt) and i regreted not having my camera with me.. the evening sun was shining thru the leaves of red and gold and it felt so good.. just wanted top share this moment of joy with you! :D

otherwise i'm extra busy this week. i don't think it is physically possible to live this way for too long. but after this weekend i shall have more time to rest and have some fun..

matka's and jano's wedding on saturday was fabulous! :) they were both supercute and seemed really happy to me. i will post some pictures later. congratulations!! :)

i'm sorry i don't have time to check your blogs, but i love you and miss you all!

Thursday, October 6

last weekend pics

petra on a train looking stoned :)

new building intern - beth

l-r: gina (new building intern), meghan, mishka, mrrr

'my train stop' by kelly
check out all her pictures from boston!

Wednesday, October 5

busy, busy, busy...

norah jones

today started off as a crappy day but eventually turned out well.. i was teaching three 90-minute-long classes and almost lost my voice at the end.. the highlights of the day were a huge plate of delish chinese for lunch, reading prince caspian on the bus, listening to the idea of north, some pizza and pepsi (!!!) for dinner, few minutes in H&M with janka, a chat with sick and tired flatmates, and as for right now, listening to norah jones.. hope to get some good sleep tonite too for i don't have to get up at 6am again tomorrow.. i'm having a class about my master thesis tomorrow at 10 so i'm rather excited, considering it's about time i was actually doing something school-related :) on friday i have a big concert in czechia (aka western part of the czech republic, also bohemia) which will be good but tireing.. also, i'm really looking forward to jano's and matka's wedding this coming saturday!!! (which is going to be SO lovely by the way! :) i will make sure i keep you posted about that!)
well, seems like it's getting busy again.. :))

Sunday, October 2

the braeken-martens family

the wonderful family that took care of janka and me in belgium

hey guys, i am having a great weekend in trnava with old and new friends here.. i tell you, it's pretty cool.. moreover, i wanna give a shout out to mishka whom i was so glad to see and talk to after the whole summer she spent in the US!!! :)