Tuesday, October 18

trnava choir days 2005

vox iuvenalis, brno - the winner of secular music cathegory 2005

as you can see, the weekend was good.. :) our choir did win after all, even tho it wasn't our best performance ever and there were better choirs there.. as in general, we had tons of fun with my czech friends in my home town.. it was a really weird feeling to have them there 'cause the two of my worlds blended into one and it was just weird.. but good and tiring, too.

i was also glad to spent some time with the B peeps on sunday nite and i enyjoyed a beer with noah and the whole fun evening.. weekends seem to be more busy than weekdays!!!

i am totally ditching school this week but the reason is that we are having only one class this week and i just think it's boring.. and it's supposed to be in english but it's not and the only thing in english are slides and there are like 5 mistakes on each slide.. i mean, everybody does mistakes, but it's hard for me to concentrate on subject because i correct them in my mind unintentionally and then i feel like working again :)

off to do something usefull ;)) ttyl


Noah said...

I am proud to be on your blog. It makes me that much closer to be famous. Thanks for your comment. It was great to hang out with you and I look forward to you being around more at Christmas. Have a great day and study hard so we can get you a job in the U.S. Later, Noah

Kelly said...

Swyna, of course your choir won, you silly goose!! Cause YOU are in it!!! Love you!!!

double A ron said...

I think that I can pick you out in the choir...you've got the little head with brown hair!

Hey dude! That's awesome. I wish that I could be hangin with the B peeps as well! Life is really interesting here...not!
I fear that it will be before next year we get ourselves a beer. That's pretty near!
Dude, stano man! I love you and I hope that you're doing freakin awesome!

Anonymous said...

stanko moj kedvesny, uvedomila som si, ako ta zanedbavam virtualne a preto sa ti ozyvam. dost ma potesilo/pobavilo, ze sme skoro naraz - a nezavisle od seba - uverejnili pics z narnii :) mrzi ma, ze sa v brne neuvidime teraz... ale Pan ma este dobre veci vo vrecku nachystane, tak sa vobec nebojim :) ele