Tuesday, February 20

kempeki's had a baby!

the happy newborn and his happy mother aja ;)

marek milichovsky was born on feb 16, 2007 at 5.15am.
3,67kg. 51cm.
congratulations, kempeki!!! :)

Saturday, February 3

i need to update more often!

lost park :)

still alive and kickin' ;)

Thursday, January 11

happy new year!

the ganstas - happy new year from petra, seggi, and me (r-l)

after 6 days spent in dublin with petra, mir and maggie at seggi's place i was rested well enough to go back to work and school - and now i feel like crap again ;) still coughing and watching lost, for a positive thing :)
started working slightly on my thesis, teaching like crazy.. you guys have a good weekend and enjoy some more pics from ireland.

evening in dublin, ireland

the girls at the trinity college

i love starbucks coffee!!!

this is as much as we saw :))