Monday, September 25

choral weekend

so i have survived the weekend.. :) it was fairly busy. we had 3 concerts altogether - two with vox and one with tirnavia. on friday we sang in brno, it was about an hour long performance in a church, with about 40 people in the audience so it was pretty small and kinda nice. in spite of that though i didn't really enjoy the concert so much, i was just tired and wanted it to be over.. saturday wasdifferent though. i was even more tired (no wonder, after an almost three-hour-long trip to slovakia) bu7t excited.. we did a piece by mikulas schneider trnavsky that was never ever sung before. i is a mass that was written in 1945 and was never completed by the author himself but by his granddaughter who found the materials with losts of musical ideas that were not put together and after a long and tiring research, she was able to put it all together. the result is a great piece perhaps about half-an-hour long for an orchestra, a mixed choir and four soloists. after the concert, that also included another great piece-requiem by g. faure, we recorded schneider's mass and there was an afterparty starting midnight. after about 20 hours spent in slovakia (which included 3 hours of sleep) i went back to brno, only to have another concert, this time in a cave in moravsky kras region. this was a really nice experience, even though there was only 8°C and about 90 per cent humidity in the cave. i almost crashed today from being so tired but it was a nice weekend after all.. :)

Friday, September 8


finaly going home for the weekend in trnava which is going to include 'tradicny trnavsky jarmok' (means lots of people, alcohol, and all that crap), lots of choir practises, a doctor visit, etc. see you there! ;)

Monday, September 4

holiday's definately over!

it seems like i am not updating at all! sorry for that..
i've been trying to settle down here in brno and get ready for a new semester of teaching, studying and singing, and it's been crazy and great at the same time! well, i bet iot will be hard to adjust to schedules and deadlines again after SUCH a great summer this year! after all the camps and trips abroad and fun stuff.. my last vacation was with the language school colleagues in budisov (about an hour of driving from brno) and it was team-building and refreshing at the same time. here are some pics from the vacation>

me and the girls :) (l-r> aja (aka kempeki), tana (da boss), gabca)

the woods were fun..

a great remodelled cottage where we stayed and partied.. :)