Tuesday, January 31

happy end of january!

dear seggi, i would update more if i could!! (thank you for your comment tho!!) :D

me and eliska, whom i miss a lot! (an old pic, thx 4 reminding me, sheggi!)

the weekend in brno was cool again! read more at janka's site! amongs other stuff, we also watched the ring again.. well, for those who don't remember or know how scared i get watching that movie, here goes> :))) yeah, last time i saw it i couldn't sleep well for some time (about 2 weeks).. this time, the night after seeing it i woke up at 3.20am and couldn't get back to sleep!!! i am so silly!!! :)

my vocal group PAKOS putting up a little concert for friends
(01/08/06, coffee shop "na ceste", brno, czech rep.)

anyhoos, i am at school right now so i better go and do some school stuff.. i'm almost done with my studies!!! :)) just few more months..

ok, and here's something for my slovak-speaking friends!! :) n-joy!

text e-mailu>
Chcem sa podakovat vsetkym co mi poslali maily 'nepretrhni retaz' a 'posli dalej' v roku 2005! Vdaka vasej dobrote:
- som prestal pit Colu odvtedy ako som sa dozvedel, ze sa s nou cistia skvrny na WC!
- uz ani nechodim velmi do kina, lebo sa bojim, ze si sadnem na nainfikovanu ihlu AIDS!
- potim sa, lebo uz nepouzivam deodoranty ako som sa dozvedel, ze provokuju rakovinu!
- uz neparkujem v krytych parkoviskach, lebo sa bojim, ze mi niekto daruje parfem aby ma nadrogoval a znasilnil!
- vsetky moje uspory som dal na ucet Amy Bruce, chuda dieta caka na transplantaciu srdca uz aspon po 7000 raz (zaujimave, ze do roku 1995 ma stale 7 rokov)!
- moj mobil Nokia GSM co som mal dostat zadarmo stale neprisiel a ani listky do Disneylandu!
- 22x som prelozil oslavu mojich narodenin, lebo stale cakam na donasku vina zdarma a vsetci moji priatelia su na mna nastvani!
- zapisal som svoje meno do listu s dalsimi 3000 menami na zachranu veverice z Mozambiku, ktora ma coskoro vyhynut (a ktora je vlastne taka vzacna, ze ziadnu nikto nikdy nevidel)!
- dozvedel som sa po 170 raz, ze MSN Hotmail mi zrusi mailovu schranku, ale stale sa nic nezmenilo!
- uz poznam recept ako najst spriaznenu dusu (staci napisat jeho meno na papier a poskrabat si zadok a pritom sa tocit v smere hodinovych ruciciet okolo Renaulta 4L)
- mal som nestastie priblizne 3000x a som mrtvy 67x, lebo som nikdy neodoslal maily dalej a uz vobec nie do 24 hodin!

Dakujem Vam!!! Dolezite: Ak neodosles tento mail do 10 sekund aspon 850 000 ludom, modry dinosaurus zozerie zajtra celu tvoju rodinu o 17h30!

Tuesday, January 24

now, everybody freeze!!!

hanging out with friends at irish pub, trnava (by aaronius)

oh my kidneys, it really is freakin' cold in here!!! [svoko]

i have finished my last exam at this school-a-mine monday morning and it feels SO GOOD!!! :] now i just have to write my thesis which is due may i guess and pass the finals in june.. woohoo!!! :)

miss you guys!

Monday, January 23

latest superstar..

alexandra okalova (alannah myles - black velvet)

i was so pissed that alexandra okalova didn't make it to the final round!!! in my opinion, her performance (wmv video) was the best during friday nite semifinal superstar evening.. singing black velvet in a nice black dress and looking great!! one could tell that she really enjoyed it.. hopefully she's going to be nominated with 4 other kids (she's 28 btw) this friday for a wild card (q> how do they call that in american idol?)

Friday, January 20

woo, it's been 10 days since i last updated!! i gotta get better.. :) there's not much to say tho - i've just spent nice 2 days with 2 friends from trnava here in brno, did some shopping, tought a lot, slept a little, and just stuff like that.. there's not much to write about i guess. except that i've decided to stay in brno for a little while now (about a month) so that i could finaly start working on my thesis and get ready for classes during the weekends.. so for you in trnava - i won't see you for some time now and i miss you!!!! :( so sad.. :D
you guys have a great weekend and watch superstar tonite on stv1 at 8pm!! :)

maria bundova - my favorite this year so far..

Tuesday, January 10

got better :)

hey there guys! :) i'm healthy again and enjoying life, such as work and school!! JK :) But nay, work has been fun lately and school is comming out all right so far.. i'm just glad i'm feeling better, that's it.

having no internet connection at the apartment is being worse than i've expected it to be.. i can check my e-mails and your blogs and update my blog only at school now and i hardly go to school once a week these days.. :( but anyhooz, i am here now so here comes a short update! :D

saturday lunch - chili con carne, fresh salad and wine

crazy flatmates

over this past weekend i stayed in brno and it was a great decision after all - after spending some quality time with my flatmates and having a really cool lunch we went to see the lion, the witch and the wardrobe in a movie theater here in brno.. even tho it was in czech and we had to sit in a second row it was a highlight of me week (together with church on sunday nite)! :] i cried half of the movie 'cause it was just so cool to watch! in words of LL, i deff/ loved it! :)

more at janka's blog!

Tuesday, January 3

first day of school

after not-so-long and not-as-good christmas vacation i am at school again! yes. my semester will be over in february and even though i don't have any more lectures i still have some papers to turn in. like the one today - i was supposed to have a presentation on my paper and was working on it at school for almost 4 hours and - the profesor didn't show up! whatmore, she gave a permission to another profesor to give As to all of us without even looking at the paper nor viewing the presentation! i was a little pissed 'cause i think i did a decent job with this presentation but at the other hand i am glad i have my credit for nothing.
in other news (or - in addition to the previous) i'm sick. i have sore throat (sp?) since last year (31Dec) and i lost my voice several times since then. i had to cancel almost all of my classes this week. i am off to go to bed. happy new year.