Tuesday, January 3

first day of school

after not-so-long and not-as-good christmas vacation i am at school again! yes. my semester will be over in february and even though i don't have any more lectures i still have some papers to turn in. like the one today - i was supposed to have a presentation on my paper and was working on it at school for almost 4 hours and - the profesor didn't show up! whatmore, she gave a permission to another profesor to give As to all of us without even looking at the paper nor viewing the presentation! i was a little pissed 'cause i think i did a decent job with this presentation but at the other hand i am glad i have my credit for nothing.
in other news (or - in addition to the previous) i'm sick. i have sore throat (sp?) since last year (31Dec) and i lost my voice several times since then. i had to cancel almost all of my classes this week. i am off to go to bed. happy new year.


Janna said...

Guess what? I'm sick too. Maybe I gave it to you?

I got some gratuitous A's too, so it's not just Czech professors!

Miss you!

Aaron said...

Stano! Dude,
Sorry you're sick! Dang it all. I leave early monday morning. I won't be able to come to Brno and shop with you this time! I was rather bummed! I was looking forward to the extreme winter pimp outfit.
Oh well, sometime in the future.

Pája said...

Stano, wake up! Some news please :))