Friday, January 20

woo, it's been 10 days since i last updated!! i gotta get better.. :) there's not much to say tho - i've just spent nice 2 days with 2 friends from trnava here in brno, did some shopping, tought a lot, slept a little, and just stuff like that.. there's not much to write about i guess. except that i've decided to stay in brno for a little while now (about a month) so that i could finaly start working on my thesis and get ready for classes during the weekends.. so for you in trnava - i won't see you for some time now and i miss you!!!! :( so sad.. :D
you guys have a great weekend and watch superstar tonite on stv1 at 8pm!! :)

maria bundova - my favorite this year so far..


Petra* said...

no, Mariah Bunda sa aj mne pozdavala. Dufam, ze nedopadne ako Martina Balogova v Ceskej SS. Pekny vikend ve Brne! P*

aaronius said...

I love SUPER STAR! YESSSS has been forever since I've heard from you!
Man, I am really busy and am missing the relaxing I did when I was in Slovakia! I should have spent more time with you man! I should have made it to Brno! ...maybe this summer. We'll see! Pray about it! I love you man!

Eli said...

I'll miss you not being in Trnava, too! oh wait a second... Your comment made me laugh:)Chyabs mi!

eli said...

oops! I really DO know how to spell "chybas", see?