Monday, April 25

bye now, pay now..

..i'm off for a week 4sure now.
b back online next monday tho!! :)
you guys have a good one!
(i'll miss you)

Friday, April 22

about the upcoming week..

hey guys..
i just wanted to let you know that i still have plenty of school stuff going on and that i am staying in brno for the weekend. originally i was planning on going to trnava for sunday and monday (at least) but there is a presentantion that i am supposed to have on monday morning so i need to stay here during the weekend.. a bummer, i tell ya..

so, most propably, i am coming to trnava on monday evening (if i'm coming at all) and on tuesday morning i am leaving to gliwice, poland with tirnavia for a week (till sunday).. so, i won't see you guys for a long while!! :( i'm looking forward to gliwice tho 'cause there will be a choral workshop and we'll be singing with other choirs and an orchestra, and that always is a load of fun :)

plus, there is tons of nice architecture in gliwice (like this cathedral)

today, we have a concert with vox in brno for some high school.. tomorrow, we have an afternoon rehearsal from noon to the very evening.. i will be exhausted.. you guys have a great weekend, too! ;))

Thursday, April 21

what kind of american english do i speak?

swyna's linguistic profile

70% general american english

15% yankee

10% upper midwestern

5% midwestern

0% dixie

Wednesday, April 20

weekend with the choir

yeah, the last weekend with the choir was super perfect fun! ;) i will have more pictures from imitating slovak superstar there, but for now i just have a picture of singing..

well, and now i'm off for another choir..

Tuesday, April 19

invitation to concert..

lots of school

hey guys.. i know it's a weird thing to hear from me but i don't have time to check your blogs nor upgrade mine right now because i have a lot of school stuff going on at the moment.. i have to prepare few presentations and to finish some papers and to study for tests - i had one today and passed while it was an easy one. i have another one on thursday but tomorrow i am teaching and we have an excursion from school.. uf! :(
but still i've had a great weekend with my choir back in trnava! how was yours? ;)

Monday, April 18

first slovak superstar

slovakia found it's superstar! ladies and gents, katka koscova!
jonhy wrote about the final round and i totaly agree with his opinion so there is no use in commenting it even more..
[thx for the pic, jan(k)a!]

Tuesday, April 12

i am such a fool..

i just got to school and thot that i have no classes today - i met my classmates and we agreed on going for lunch but they said they were in a hurry due to the class they have to take at noon. it was weird to me 'cause we have most of the classes together - fortunately, they told me that i have to take the class as well!! and whatmore, it is a very important class considering our final paper and important stuff like that.. wow, i am such a moron..

edit> i borrowed p*'s idea of editing the post (how much do i owe you, p? ;)) ..i've just had the class mentioned above - i became really curios about my diploma thesis - we were shown different laboratories that are available to sign up for our diploma thesis research and some of them were really nicely equiped.. i shall start doing the research by the beginning of next semester.. cool! ;)

Monday, April 11

vankovka live..

on saturday i finally made it to galerie vankovka with my friends from the choir to see how it really is - it has nice stores - mostly clothes and stuff, nice stuff.. pity that i don't have money right now.. ;))
just kidding! ;) enjoy your day!

Sunday, April 10

vox: new cd recorded..

the new cd of the choir vox iuvenalis is finally all recorded. it took the whole weekend long to accomplish this uneasy task.. the church we were recording it in was so close to tram tracks that every ten minutes we had to stop recording 'cause one could hear all the weird noises trams make.. we sang a few hours on friday evening, whole saturday (9am to 11 pm - not counting a 2-hour-long lunch break) and the most of sunday.. i tell you - exhausting!!
now it will take several months to cut all the recorded material and some months in addition to release it.. cannot wait! ;)
note> pictures from this event will be available on-line sometimes this upcoming week..

Saturday, April 9

Friday, April 8

slovak superstar: zdenka's out, who'll be next?

tonite - 8pm - stv1 - slovakia looks for its superstar - 3 finalists - swing songs.. that's how we could characterise this round of this, in my opinion, great show..

zdenka is gone - her performance last friday was amazing tho! she sang well - and looked well, too! i'm pretty sure we'll hear a lot about her yet!

..well, but who's still left?

martina, tomas, & katka will all have 33 per cent chance of being voted off tonite.. now lets look at them a lil closer (at least visually)>

katarína koščová

martina šindlerová

tomáš bezdeda

..and what are they going to sing tonite?


well, enjoy the show! ;)
(pitty that i won't see a lick of it - due to the choir cd recording)

Thursday, April 7

jan(k)a's new pictures from greece

our deer, i mean dear friend jan(k)a posted many new pictures from her "semester" in greece! :) some of'em are really weird - like this guy - but they are so interesting! check them all out! ;)

new mall in brno

brno, one of the big cities of eastern czech republic, opened a new mall - galerie vaňkovka - on 23rd march 2005.. "be in the center!" - that's one of its slogans for being placed downtown what is not a very usual place for a mall here in brno..

being a factory originally, it has undergone very rapid, long and expensive reconstruction.

the original look of the factory's abandoned interior became an interesting piece of the old industrial architecture and even a great target for many photographers..

picture taken by václav jirásek..


pictures from the choir..

here i bring you some pictures from last saturday's event with vox iuvenalis - the mixed choir in brno..

on saturday we went to some wedding to sing for the ceremony and then we got all dressed up nice and went to spilberk and then somewhere else for some photographing.. the pictures taken (or at least some of them) are going to be used for the cover of our new CD that will be recorder this coming weekend.. i am looking forward to it a lot! :)

as you can see on this picture above, it was such a sunny day and we all had to look straight to the photographer with the sun right behind him so that's why all the grins ;)) haha.

and here's another one - of my new friends and me - i think i've already introduced them but still - alena, ondra, pavlina, me, julia (l-r)..

here you can find all the pictures from this event that i took and even some that a friend from choir - radek took.. i've chosen only the ones i'm at ;)) and here you can see all the pictures radek took (which might be interesting for my home choir members while there are also pics from the rehearsals).

Wednesday, April 6

mishka, push me on a swing! :D

please give a huge shout out to mishka, my precious friend, who posted in 2 days in row! isn't that just something?!
:) :P :]
no, seriously.. i've just finished one hour of teaching english and am so ready for the other 2 ones to be over.. even tho is the best kind of job i've ever had here in czech republic.. it's not boring, i do learn a lot (oh, do i, indeed!) and it's a time spent with people and that is what i love.. ;) so, i should be happy after all!
talk to you guys later..

Tuesday, April 5

why do i spend so much time on-line?!

oh my kidneys.. i've been on the pc for 4 hours already and i haven't done anything from my school stuff since then!! just bloggin' and useless stuff!! isn't that sick?

pictures from last friday's trip

i finally uploaded the pics from the trip to marianske udoli with my slovak friends here in brno..

all 70 pictures
from marianske udoli>

Monday, April 4

..know spanish? ;)

hey guys.. sorry for this black humor since the very beginning of the week but i had to post it.. ;)

well, since today is "the school day" (in my case that happens twice a month) i will have exactly no time to post pictures from the weekend today.. maybe tomorrah ;)

for now i can just make you sure that my weekend was super fabulous (again) because it consisted of 3 days! ha! :)

and yeah, i almost forgot - find out what does the gravestone say and post it in a comment! the first one can win.. uhm.. a good feeling! :D
later dudes..