Friday, April 22

about the upcoming week..

hey guys..
i just wanted to let you know that i still have plenty of school stuff going on and that i am staying in brno for the weekend. originally i was planning on going to trnava for sunday and monday (at least) but there is a presentantion that i am supposed to have on monday morning so i need to stay here during the weekend.. a bummer, i tell ya..

so, most propably, i am coming to trnava on monday evening (if i'm coming at all) and on tuesday morning i am leaving to gliwice, poland with tirnavia for a week (till sunday).. so, i won't see you guys for a long while!! :( i'm looking forward to gliwice tho 'cause there will be a choral workshop and we'll be singing with other choirs and an orchestra, and that always is a load of fun :)

plus, there is tons of nice architecture in gliwice (like this cathedral)

today, we have a concert with vox in brno for some high school.. tomorrow, we have an afternoon rehearsal from noon to the very evening.. i will be exhausted.. you guys have a great weekend, too! ;))

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