Thursday, March 31

happy spring (finally)..

hey guys..
today is the most beautiful day of this week so far! i woke up in the morning - well, i mean at 10am - and the weather was just so great already! :] haha.
i did my laundry, cleaned the mess from last night's supper and cleaned my room.. wow, i guess i never cleaned that much at once! (even tho i didn't do a whole lot..)
whatmore, the whole morning i was listening to wonderfull norah jones.. can it get any better?! :]
well, and because the weather was just so great i put on my flip-flops and went to school! so, today is my official first flip-flop wearing day! ;))

today's picture (above) is from the hydrobiology lab i've just had. isn't it gross? :] it is a picture of some microorganism in activated sludge that was collected at one of brno's waste water treatment plants..

unfortunately, this is probably my last bloggin' day of this week.. :(
tomorrah i go for a trip to marianske udoli with a couple of slovak friends of mine that i know from the bus rides trnava-brno.. i suppose it will be a great time 'cause we never see each other elsewhere than on the bus even tho we study in the same city..
saturday is going to be a choir day - vox is having all day long rehearsal and singing in a wedding (which will be pretty exciting tho..), and sunday i won't be online..

soap, you guys have a great rest of this week and enjoy the weather wherever you are at least as much as i do! :]

happy spring!

Tuesday, March 29

easter shocker: wet pics!

hey guys! :) i just realised that it's been almost a week since i posted the last! well, the more days ago that was the more exciting stuff do i bring you! (woo, my grammar..)

well, gotta say that this easter was really cool.. as petra* wrote on her xanga already, we had a great good friday service at the building and then there was a sunrise service on sunday morning (which i missed 'cause i overslept - due to the daylight savings time change..) and a fellowship time at 10am as usual including a very good sermon.. soap, it was a real good spiritual weekend.. i was glad 'cause here in brno i get easily distracted from healthy spiritual life..

but, talking about slovak easter traditions! :] as maybe some of you know, on easter monday, early in the morning, guys come to the girls houses and (gently) whip them with whips made out of braided willow branches and pour water on them.. it is an old (i guess slavic?) tradition and it is supposed to bring health, prosperity and fertility to the girls..

as an expression of their thanks, girls give guys eggs and candy and the tie a ribbon on their whips.. guys can compete then who will get the most ribbons...

well, some of the girls got really soaked, even more than once.. laurel already wrote about her experience, but how'bout you, petra, or heidi?? ha? :))

Wednesday, March 23

tuesday night fever..

hey there.. hope all is well with you guys.

yesterday was the international water day. and as you may know, i am majoring in environmental protection and this semester we are focusing on water and all about it.. that's why we (a couple of my classmates and i) decided to celebrate this day! ;) well, it was not the initial reason for going out together and we realised that is the international water day just that morning.. we just wanted to hang out and we've set a random date and accidentally it fit right in! :) .. (as usually, i had my camera on me so i can share some pics with you, again..) ;)

our group consisted of about 15 people from our school - mostly classmates, "cica" click (a long story), some graduate student (who teach us!) and some of their friends.. we met downtown at 8pm and went for a couple of beers to a pub.. some had a sandwich (and ate it with silverware!!ugh!) ..after midnite, driven by empty stomaches we "attacked" a fast food downtown and for the rest of the night went to a club.. we danced a little and we had a good time..

it was a little dilemma 4 me to decide whether to go during the lent season or not but i realized that this was the first time - and most likely the last as well - that we went out together.. i think we had time good enough to say that it was worth it..

check out all 91 pics!

Tuesday, March 22

pics from yesterday's lab

last nite we had a lab from waste water treatment and it was a lot of fun! not because we would like the lab but this time it was such a party! ;) we didn't quite get the task we were supposed to do and at the end we realized that we'd been doing everything wrong.. the teacher didn't care but at least we know how to do things right now.. so, what we did was filling a cylinder with water, putting some chemicals in, stiring.. then we oxygenated it and this was a (wrong) result..
besides this, it really was a panic! :) hightlight of the lab was hanka acting like a dog and barking on the table !!! :D wouldn't you just love school if you were me?! ;) tonite we are going out so maybe there'll be more pics coming! ;)

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Monday, March 21

first spring entry

woohoo! give a shout out to spring! :) you cannot imagine how happy i am that it is not freezing cold out there anymore! i finally got rid of wearing my winter coat and it feels so awesome!!

i hope your weekend was at least as good as mine! i know that yours, carrie, was! ;) how about the rest of you guys?

friday> i got to trnava on friday afternoon and went right to the bank to apply for internet banking.. i would be just so much easier for me to manage my money (ehm, or what's left of it, to be accurate) on-line 'cause i get to trnava once a week at most and that's friday nite and i usually have like 20 minutes to run to my bank before they close.. anyhow, then i went to the building to see everyone after 2 weeks! so exciting! ;) then i went for a choir rehearsal and then out for a coffee.. i tell you, i love coffee but i will never drink 4 cups in one day again! i so coudln't fall asleep that nite! and one more thing - when i got to my flat that nite i met my new roomate - and guess what! his name is stano as well as mine! ;) so it is two stanos living in one room, now how heavy is that?! :)) he seems to be a very nice person so i am looking forward ro sharing a room with him..

saturday> ..was cool. i went to watch superstar repetition to my mother's house 'cause due to the choir rehearsal i missed the friday nite live show. there was a big surprise this week - one of the competitors gave up and resigned! we still do not know if it was his decision or they forced him to quit but one thing is for sure - he was drunk for a number of days in row and he didn't come for the rehearsals and finally he waived.. i am talking about robo mikla, who was a rebel of the show from the very beginning. (for instance he showed his butt to the newpaper etc.) his resignation caused a little trouble for slovak television 'cause they didn't know how to replace him in the show and they finally didn't kick out anyone from the rest unlike they usually do.. well, it was a fishy round and as johny commented the mcs - they really were a little weak this time..

the rest of the day i spent with heidi and petra* and we had such a good time together! we went to max - trnava's mall - for (another) coffee and then had a light supper @ my place, watched tv and had fun.. heidi tot me some southern.. thank you gurls for a nice evening! :p

sunday> in the morning i woke up at 8:30 and went to church.. it was such a nice walk 'cause the weather was so good! it was a special sunday service at the building because seggi was officially accepted to the church of brethern in levice and there was a little ceremony and a little party afterwards (with delicious cakes - thx mrs. seggi! :))

pavol cech did a great job preaching on the last miracle that Jesus performed before His death on the cross - raising lazarus from the death. there was a good question raised - do i personally really believe in the resurection of the dead? how can/do i apply it in my everyday's life?

in the afternoon we went to watch the passion play that took place downtown (juraj was a part of it - apostle thomas) but we were freezing, hungry and needy of the restroom :) so we (miriam, heidi, janna, megan, mishka, petra, seggi & i) decided to go to the chicken house restaurant for some pizza.. and once again, we had such a great time together..

well, after weekends like this i really think that life is worth living! :P
have a good one!

Friday, March 18

friday rocks!

hey there.. i am just finished with my school for this week! woohoo! i just took a test from waste water treatment (and i guess i failed 'cause i didn't study enough - even tho - what is enough in my case? ;) ).. and now i am ready to "take off" for trnava! i will run home and pack some stuff and then take a bus @ 12:30 to get to trnava in time for ec meeting (even tho i have no clue if there is one)..
janka has finally posted some pictures from her "vacation" (haha) in greece so check them out! ;)
and that's it! you guys have a nice weekend and don't forget to watch superstar tonite @ 8pm on stv1! ;)

Thursday, March 17

2 thumbs up 4 carrie! ;)

hey there.. i hope you are having a good week! ;)
i had a test from psychology today in the morning and now i am trying to get home and study for my water treatment class - tomorrow we are taking another test and it will be much more difficult than today..
that's about it from me for now. not much exciting news, right? ;)
even tho - carrie's bought a new digital camera so from now on she can post pictures of her and her friends and her family and... and everything!!! ;) go for it, carrie!
and i've changed a look of this blog a lil.. who'll find out have where i stolen (ooops!) the background pic is gonna get a medal from me! ;)
take it easy.. (don't be cheezy!)


last night i was digging thru all of my pictures and i have some to share..

Tuesday, March 15

superstar duets

as you know i was away for a weekend but i found some time to watch at least a part of this week's superstar evening with 6 finalists.. they sang duets in various combinations of two. i am not sure if i can judge their performances because i didn't see the whole thing but from what i saw i liked martina's and katka's performance which was good and quality singing.. and i really liked robo & tomas in "o, mano".. it was hilarious! ;)

miro jaros was the one who had to leave this time.. i think i am glad 'cause he was worse than the rest of the "group" and in my opinion had to leave a couple of weeks earlier already.

i was a little bit sad and disappointed when i heard the new song that the 6 have recorded last week. i think it is much worse than the first one - kym vies snivat.

well, that's it about superstar - i am looking forward next week, we'll see hoo's next!

Monday, March 14

what a weekend!

well, i dunno how about yours but my weekend was super fabulous! ;) maybe you know that i've joined a choir vox iuvenalis in brno about a month ago and this weekend the choir went to kyjov (which is kinda half way between trnava and brno) for 3 days of rehearsals and one concert on saturday night in one of kyjov's churches.. so here i bring you a report with some pictures which you can click on to enlarge..

on friday morning i went to school and in the afternoon i packed and headed to the main train station on brno, where the choir was supposed to meet.. the train was leaving at 4:30pm and it was awfully full 'cause many of the students were going home for the weekend. the trip was ok tho - something like 1.5 hours and we talked a lot so it went by very fast.
i am very glad that i could find new friends in this choir so quickly. people that i became a friend with already are kristyna, who lives close to my flat in brno, aja, who studies the same school as i do and we see each other at school, her boyfriend ondra, who look funny at all the pictures (even tho he looks normal in real life), hanka and pavca, and more.. but it's hard 4 me to remember all of the names 'cause it's so many new people at one time.
i spent the whole weekend (i mean, all the time besides rehearsals) mainly with these on the picture.. there is one more slovak in the choir, her name is julia but she left before we took the picture.. she is also part of this lil "click" of theirs..

so, we arrived to kyjov just before the dinner time and after having a bite to eat we had a rehearsal from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. talking about food> the way of catering was kinda weird - we had saturday and sunday lunch cooked by cooks in this place where we stayed - it was a highschool dorm for nurses - and the rest of the food we had to bring ourselves. boys brot meat and girls brot cheese, and food such as bread, suggar, milk, tea, coffee and stuff like that was bought by the choir. everybody also brot some junk food and we placed everything into a tiny little kitchen on the second floor of the dormatory building.. there was a lil fridge there as well for food that needed to be refridgerated and it was stuffed! ;) you would never believe how many people you can fit into a kitchen like that.. especially hungry ones! ;)

and how did we have rehearsals? well, as i already mentioned above there was one on friday night. on saturday we sang for 3 hours in da morning and then we went to a local church for a concert.. we had a practise at church for an hour with a soloist and then we had the concert for an another hour. after the concert we stopped at a coffee shop to get something sweet and after returning to the dorm and squeezing in the kitchen for quick dinner we had an evening rehearsal for another 3 hours.. as you can see, we sang almost all the time. there was another 3-hour-long rehearsal on sunday morning but it was not that productive as the others mainly because of the hangovers.. :)

and that's one thing about this choir that i haven't mentioned yet - people drink a lot in there.. not like that they'd be drunks but they drink a lot of wine. even during the rehearsal (?!?) there will be a bottle of red or white (or both) travelling among singers.. alcohol doen't do any good with your intonation so i don't think it is the best way to concentrate and i am not even talking about germs being spred all around the choir.. (blah)
anyhow, this is probably caused by the nature of this country's people - especially moravians. the like to have fun and they like to have fun with alcohol (here we go again - an issue of parties)..

well, there was a decent party on saturday night with live guitar music and - of course - lots of wine.. we spent most of the time in our rooms, i mean, the girls room. ;) i was stayng with ondra and two ther guys in room no.5 and the girls (kristyna, aja, paja-pavca & julia) in room no.6 which was right next door so we did all the partying there.. i mean, it was not a real partying but we talked a lot a laughed a lot..

..well, it was a good weekend. we got back to brno @ around 3:30pm on sunday and we have a rehearsal here in brno tonite at 6 which is in one hour so i better go now! :)
i will talk to you guys later..

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Friday, March 11

bad dreams

this night was a weird night.. it doesn't happen to me often that i'd not know where am i after waking up but today it happened. as i remember, one of my weird dreams was that i was a part of superstar competition and i had to go out and sing two songs but i found out what i was singing the very last moment before the show started! and guess what - i didn't know any of the songs! i was supposed to sing some gypsy song and then something else.. i was so desprerate.. (the picture on the left shows martina sindlerova during her rock performance)

the other bad dream was about me leaving school today and going to trnava for a weekend as usual but i was supposed to stay in brno 'cause my choir here is leaving for a weekend of rehearsals and a concert to kyjov. so i was at the building and @ 4 pm i realised that in 5 minutes i have to meet up with people at the main train station in brno which is 3 hours away from trnava!
..but then i woke up and i was in brno and it was 8 am so i calmed down and went to school.. woo..
so, that's it 4 this week! i am off for choir and i'll let you know how it was on monday. hope you guys are having a nice friday afternoon and are looking forward to a weekend! ;)
later y'all! (oh my kidneys, i cannot believe i used that word! ;) can you, eli?)

Thursday, March 10

what a beautiful day..

today is the most beautiful day of this month so far! i got so excited in the morning 'cause i woke up without an alarm clock at 7 am and was not feeling sleepy nor tired! for those of who know me well enough - you know that i am not very "happy" when i wake up in the morning.. but today, i was just fine! (am i getting old?)
on my way to school i took some pictures of the park.. i usually take the tram but i felt like walking today.
i ate my breakfast at school. i got doughnuts and coffee (!!!) but i hardly realized that 'cause czech doughnuts are really different.. and instead of getting ton of coffee i just had "normal size" czech coffee - something like 1 cup..
today is aja's (flatmate) birthday and i'm gonna miss it! ;( we have an excursion from school and then a choir practise 'till very evening.. bummer.

Tuesday, March 8

new blog..

i'm sorry guys for doing this to you almost every month but.. i have a new blog again!!!
soap, please forget the old ones and save the link! ;)