Thursday, March 10

what a beautiful day..

today is the most beautiful day of this month so far! i got so excited in the morning 'cause i woke up without an alarm clock at 7 am and was not feeling sleepy nor tired! for those of who know me well enough - you know that i am not very "happy" when i wake up in the morning.. but today, i was just fine! (am i getting old?)
on my way to school i took some pictures of the park.. i usually take the tram but i felt like walking today.
i ate my breakfast at school. i got doughnuts and coffee (!!!) but i hardly realized that 'cause czech doughnuts are really different.. and instead of getting ton of coffee i just had "normal size" czech coffee - something like 1 cup..
today is aja's (flatmate) birthday and i'm gonna miss it! ;( we have an excursion from school and then a choir practise 'till very evening.. bummer.

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