Wednesday, March 23

tuesday night fever..

hey there.. hope all is well with you guys.

yesterday was the international water day. and as you may know, i am majoring in environmental protection and this semester we are focusing on water and all about it.. that's why we (a couple of my classmates and i) decided to celebrate this day! ;) well, it was not the initial reason for going out together and we realised that is the international water day just that morning.. we just wanted to hang out and we've set a random date and accidentally it fit right in! :) .. (as usually, i had my camera on me so i can share some pics with you, again..) ;)

our group consisted of about 15 people from our school - mostly classmates, "cica" click (a long story), some graduate student (who teach us!) and some of their friends.. we met downtown at 8pm and went for a couple of beers to a pub.. some had a sandwich (and ate it with silverware!!ugh!) ..after midnite, driven by empty stomaches we "attacked" a fast food downtown and for the rest of the night went to a club.. we danced a little and we had a good time..

it was a little dilemma 4 me to decide whether to go during the lent season or not but i realized that this was the first time - and most likely the last as well - that we went out together.. i think we had time good enough to say that it was worth it..

check out all 91 pics!


svoko said...

cau swynka, dakujem za email, idem ti odpisat:) a spravny spelling je silverware - asi si ho dost nelestil v STC, ze?:)))

stano said...

opravene.. :)

svoko said...

a na tvoju otazku ohladom fotky odpovedam "ano, spravny tip:))", k ostatnemu sa vyjadrim zachvilu len, co odpisem na jeden the way, mrkni sa na fotku predtym, tam je to jasne napisane;)