Thursday, March 31

happy spring (finally)..

hey guys..
today is the most beautiful day of this week so far! i woke up in the morning - well, i mean at 10am - and the weather was just so great already! :] haha.
i did my laundry, cleaned the mess from last night's supper and cleaned my room.. wow, i guess i never cleaned that much at once! (even tho i didn't do a whole lot..)
whatmore, the whole morning i was listening to wonderfull norah jones.. can it get any better?! :]
well, and because the weather was just so great i put on my flip-flops and went to school! so, today is my official first flip-flop wearing day! ;))

today's picture (above) is from the hydrobiology lab i've just had. isn't it gross? :] it is a picture of some microorganism in activated sludge that was collected at one of brno's waste water treatment plants..

unfortunately, this is probably my last bloggin' day of this week.. :(
tomorrah i go for a trip to marianske udoli with a couple of slovak friends of mine that i know from the bus rides trnava-brno.. i suppose it will be a great time 'cause we never see each other elsewhere than on the bus even tho we study in the same city..
saturday is going to be a choir day - vox is having all day long rehearsal and singing in a wedding (which will be pretty exciting tho..), and sunday i won't be online..

soap, you guys have a great rest of this week and enjoy the weather wherever you are at least as much as i do! :]

happy spring!


svoko said...

tak to je super, ze sa tam u vas konecne vycasilo, lebo ja uz to tu beriem for granted. dnes som mala tiez Norah Jones day - kupila som si speakers konecne, tak Norah mala tu cest ak prva ich vyskusat.

carrie said...

wOOt for spring! It's defintally a welcome relief here too! Hope all those crazy plans go well for you! Take pictures, and then of course, share the pics! =) Love you boy, talk to you later! Me (who's so far... far.... far away!)

timmmdogg said...

cool microbe!

stano said...

good to hear from you guys! ;)
janka, congratulation to your speakers! ;)
carrie, i will share'em soon! ;) love ya, too..
and tim, i'm glad someone appreciates that picture.. do you have a clue what that is? (i don't)

Phantom of the Blog said...

happy spring to u too