Monday, March 21

first spring entry

woohoo! give a shout out to spring! :) you cannot imagine how happy i am that it is not freezing cold out there anymore! i finally got rid of wearing my winter coat and it feels so awesome!!

i hope your weekend was at least as good as mine! i know that yours, carrie, was! ;) how about the rest of you guys?

friday> i got to trnava on friday afternoon and went right to the bank to apply for internet banking.. i would be just so much easier for me to manage my money (ehm, or what's left of it, to be accurate) on-line 'cause i get to trnava once a week at most and that's friday nite and i usually have like 20 minutes to run to my bank before they close.. anyhow, then i went to the building to see everyone after 2 weeks! so exciting! ;) then i went for a choir rehearsal and then out for a coffee.. i tell you, i love coffee but i will never drink 4 cups in one day again! i so coudln't fall asleep that nite! and one more thing - when i got to my flat that nite i met my new roomate - and guess what! his name is stano as well as mine! ;) so it is two stanos living in one room, now how heavy is that?! :)) he seems to be a very nice person so i am looking forward ro sharing a room with him..

saturday> ..was cool. i went to watch superstar repetition to my mother's house 'cause due to the choir rehearsal i missed the friday nite live show. there was a big surprise this week - one of the competitors gave up and resigned! we still do not know if it was his decision or they forced him to quit but one thing is for sure - he was drunk for a number of days in row and he didn't come for the rehearsals and finally he waived.. i am talking about robo mikla, who was a rebel of the show from the very beginning. (for instance he showed his butt to the newpaper etc.) his resignation caused a little trouble for slovak television 'cause they didn't know how to replace him in the show and they finally didn't kick out anyone from the rest unlike they usually do.. well, it was a fishy round and as johny commented the mcs - they really were a little weak this time..

the rest of the day i spent with heidi and petra* and we had such a good time together! we went to max - trnava's mall - for (another) coffee and then had a light supper @ my place, watched tv and had fun.. heidi tot me some southern.. thank you gurls for a nice evening! :p

sunday> in the morning i woke up at 8:30 and went to church.. it was such a nice walk 'cause the weather was so good! it was a special sunday service at the building because seggi was officially accepted to the church of brethern in levice and there was a little ceremony and a little party afterwards (with delicious cakes - thx mrs. seggi! :))

pavol cech did a great job preaching on the last miracle that Jesus performed before His death on the cross - raising lazarus from the death. there was a good question raised - do i personally really believe in the resurection of the dead? how can/do i apply it in my everyday's life?

in the afternoon we went to watch the passion play that took place downtown (juraj was a part of it - apostle thomas) but we were freezing, hungry and needy of the restroom :) so we (miriam, heidi, janna, megan, mishka, petra, seggi & i) decided to go to the chicken house restaurant for some pizza.. and once again, we had such a great time together..

well, after weekends like this i really think that life is worth living! :P
have a good one!


carrie said...

I LOVE the personal blogging.. and that you keep mentioning me! It almost makes me feel like I am with you guys when I am oh so far away! I'm glad that you had a super good weekend too! Have a great week, I MISS YOU!

stano said...

thx, carrie! i miss you, too!