Tuesday, March 15

superstar duets

as you know i was away for a weekend but i found some time to watch at least a part of this week's superstar evening with 6 finalists.. they sang duets in various combinations of two. i am not sure if i can judge their performances because i didn't see the whole thing but from what i saw i liked martina's and katka's performance which was good and quality singing.. and i really liked robo & tomas in "o, mano".. it was hilarious! ;)

miro jaros was the one who had to leave this time.. i think i am glad 'cause he was worse than the rest of the "group" and in my opinion had to leave a couple of weeks earlier already.

i was a little bit sad and disappointed when i heard the new song that the 6 have recorded last week. i think it is much worse than the first one - kym vies snivat.

well, that's it about superstar - i am looking forward next week, we'll see hoo's next!


johny said...

A ako mozes mat blog bez sliza?! Kto nema sliz, ako keby ani neexistoval! ;)

svoko said...

sak si to kukni na nete, aj ja idem teraz, sice to trosku seka, ale aspon nieco:)

j4r3d said...

Did you know that Blogger provides _unlimited_ picture hosting? I don't know how much bandwidtch you get, but I like to play it safe and store my pictures with Blogger.

carrie said...

wOOt wOOt and carrie lives again! =)

carrie said...

Of course I'll talk to the pylmans for you... it would be an honor! And now I'm off to work at a school and then babysit... spring my butt! =)

eledhwen said...

"they sang duets in various combinations of two" - can a duet be a variation any other number of people? :)))))))))

miro should have left :)))

pobavil ma tvoj prispevok :) a mam ta rada a ani chvilu si nemysli, ze si myslim, ze si somar :)