Friday, March 11

bad dreams

this night was a weird night.. it doesn't happen to me often that i'd not know where am i after waking up but today it happened. as i remember, one of my weird dreams was that i was a part of superstar competition and i had to go out and sing two songs but i found out what i was singing the very last moment before the show started! and guess what - i didn't know any of the songs! i was supposed to sing some gypsy song and then something else.. i was so desprerate.. (the picture on the left shows martina sindlerova during her rock performance)

the other bad dream was about me leaving school today and going to trnava for a weekend as usual but i was supposed to stay in brno 'cause my choir here is leaving for a weekend of rehearsals and a concert to kyjov. so i was at the building and @ 4 pm i realised that in 5 minutes i have to meet up with people at the main train station in brno which is 3 hours away from trnava!
..but then i woke up and i was in brno and it was 8 am so i calmed down and went to school.. woo..
so, that's it 4 this week! i am off for choir and i'll let you know how it was on monday. hope you guys are having a nice friday afternoon and are looking forward to a weekend! ;)
later y'all! (oh my kidneys, i cannot believe i used that word! ;) can you, eli?)

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