Monday, March 14

what a weekend!

well, i dunno how about yours but my weekend was super fabulous! ;) maybe you know that i've joined a choir vox iuvenalis in brno about a month ago and this weekend the choir went to kyjov (which is kinda half way between trnava and brno) for 3 days of rehearsals and one concert on saturday night in one of kyjov's churches.. so here i bring you a report with some pictures which you can click on to enlarge..

on friday morning i went to school and in the afternoon i packed and headed to the main train station on brno, where the choir was supposed to meet.. the train was leaving at 4:30pm and it was awfully full 'cause many of the students were going home for the weekend. the trip was ok tho - something like 1.5 hours and we talked a lot so it went by very fast.
i am very glad that i could find new friends in this choir so quickly. people that i became a friend with already are kristyna, who lives close to my flat in brno, aja, who studies the same school as i do and we see each other at school, her boyfriend ondra, who look funny at all the pictures (even tho he looks normal in real life), hanka and pavca, and more.. but it's hard 4 me to remember all of the names 'cause it's so many new people at one time.
i spent the whole weekend (i mean, all the time besides rehearsals) mainly with these on the picture.. there is one more slovak in the choir, her name is julia but she left before we took the picture.. she is also part of this lil "click" of theirs..

so, we arrived to kyjov just before the dinner time and after having a bite to eat we had a rehearsal from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. talking about food> the way of catering was kinda weird - we had saturday and sunday lunch cooked by cooks in this place where we stayed - it was a highschool dorm for nurses - and the rest of the food we had to bring ourselves. boys brot meat and girls brot cheese, and food such as bread, suggar, milk, tea, coffee and stuff like that was bought by the choir. everybody also brot some junk food and we placed everything into a tiny little kitchen on the second floor of the dormatory building.. there was a lil fridge there as well for food that needed to be refridgerated and it was stuffed! ;) you would never believe how many people you can fit into a kitchen like that.. especially hungry ones! ;)

and how did we have rehearsals? well, as i already mentioned above there was one on friday night. on saturday we sang for 3 hours in da morning and then we went to a local church for a concert.. we had a practise at church for an hour with a soloist and then we had the concert for an another hour. after the concert we stopped at a coffee shop to get something sweet and after returning to the dorm and squeezing in the kitchen for quick dinner we had an evening rehearsal for another 3 hours.. as you can see, we sang almost all the time. there was another 3-hour-long rehearsal on sunday morning but it was not that productive as the others mainly because of the hangovers.. :)

and that's one thing about this choir that i haven't mentioned yet - people drink a lot in there.. not like that they'd be drunks but they drink a lot of wine. even during the rehearsal (?!?) there will be a bottle of red or white (or both) travelling among singers.. alcohol doen't do any good with your intonation so i don't think it is the best way to concentrate and i am not even talking about germs being spred all around the choir.. (blah)
anyhow, this is probably caused by the nature of this country's people - especially moravians. the like to have fun and they like to have fun with alcohol (here we go again - an issue of parties)..

well, there was a decent party on saturday night with live guitar music and - of course - lots of wine.. we spent most of the time in our rooms, i mean, the girls room. ;) i was stayng with ondra and two ther guys in room no.5 and the girls (kristyna, aja, paja-pavca & julia) in room no.6 which was right next door so we did all the partying there.. i mean, it was not a real partying but we talked a lot a laughed a lot..

..well, it was a good weekend. we got back to brno @ around 3:30pm on sunday and we have a rehearsal here in brno tonite at 6 which is in one hour so i better go now! :)
i will talk to you guys later..

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johny said...

Na Teba je ta stranka akasi temna (cierna farba) a pouzivas ten isty font ako ja na blogu! Aj tak neviem, preco stale vytvaras nove a nove blogy. Ale ked Ta to bavi, tak nech sa paci.

stano said...

cau johny.. ta cierna na pozadi nie je definitivna, ale musim vyskusat co sa bude lepsie hodit.. ale paci sa mi to.. a nove blogy si nevytvaram, iba sa "stahujem". tie stare nepouzivam, ak si si nevsimol :)

Ondra said...

Ahoj Stano.Tak jsme se s Ájou koukli,prima:)Pochopili jsme že "náš" sbor hodnotíš vesměs kladně.....jen ten popis nadměrné konzumace ví je to tak hrozné?? :o)
A ta černá barva na pozadí se mě osobně líbí.

Kity said...

Ahojky Stanko, well, it´s quite a good web site...:o) Jsem ráda, že se Ti u nás ve sboru líbí.. No, s tím vínem to někteří opravdu občas přeženou, ale podle mě to sbor docela stmeluje... btw. černá zeštíhluje :o)

stano said...

ahojky! :)
som rad, ze sa vam to pacilo..
s tym vinom je to na mna moc - keby ste sedeli v zadnej rade, tak by ste videli :) ale az take strasne to zas nie je..
tak zatim! :)

Svoko said...

cau swyna,k tym tvojim blogom sa nebudem vyjadrovat,lebo to si cely ty!:))a cierna?:))ze by si nieco chytil odo mna?:))anyhow, som rada, ze si mal tak super vikend.ked si pisal o tom piti alkoholu,tak mi to velmi pripomenulo moju situaciu tu...a co nas privat v Kyjove?;)))pozdravuj Brno, chyba asi by som tu zimu nemenila - dnes som sa tu potila v pulovriku;)

svoko said...

:)))hmmm...nevie ako sa to stalo:)))ale vazne som to nechcela 3x postovat, iba 4x!:*)

Jano said...

Esteze Kyjov nie je Kyjev... Mimo prevadzke.

stano said...

neboj svoko.. uz je to ok :)
brno pozdravim..