Tuesday, August 30

jodi's mom!

ok guys, we waited for a long time but this is it! :) introducing> JODI'S MOM! ;)

cute! :)

give a shout out for aaron and erin!! :)

Sunday, August 28

heidi's leaving soon..

ok, guys, sorry for not posting recently.. just no time to write! you know me, don't you..
there's some stuff that happened since i updated the last, like i attended my first fashion show evah (!!!), i did some cute haircuts and coloring (!!!!), plus i went to a wedding that actually opened a series of weddings that i am going to be a part of.. but i am going to write about all that later..

for now, what i have for you are these pictures of heidi's secret coronation ceremony that took place today afternoon at the B's very own coronation chamber (aka talkroom) in trnava.. enjoy! :)

eli the queen-to-be

coronation jewel transmission 'pod lampou' (under the lamp)

exclusive kitchen collection - PINK FLORAL by slovak homeless artists

i will talk to you guys more from brno again.. this time i'm going there for full three weeks!! ;)
but now i'm off for her goodbye party..

Tuesday, August 23

tatry pictures

my classmate zuzka just showed me beautiful pictures from her trip to slovakia - she spent a week in vysoke tatry! many people from czech republic go to these highest slovak mountains for their vacation simply because it's real pretty over there and it's cheaper since it's to the east. i just thot i would share these pics with you. enjoy! ;)

Sunday, August 21

naomi's new xanga! ;)

ok, this is so cool that all laska moja's have their xanga now!! :)
so please, welcome naomi 'stefka' buser!!! (in da middle) :)

ok, i am leaving for brno again tomorrow! just for 3 days but still.. ;)
this week in trnava's been so good once again! :) had tons of fun, mainly at the building with the saturday nite's lock-in that actually wasn't a lock-in at all!! :) i messed it up and thot that we are going to sleep over there so i brot all these things there like an extra pair of shoes and a nice shirt for the church in da mornin and then i realised.. there's no lock-in! ;(( i am such a loser.. :)))
well, hope your weekend was good too!! ;)
later dudes..

Saturday, August 20

transcontinental connection..

oh, i just got to talk to my dearest friends at the garage deluxe in lakeside, ohio like 5 minutes ago!! :) woo, the other side of the earth! i love phones and icq!! :)
oh, how i miss them and the place itself!! ;(
also, look at this random picture! i googled it and i had no clue that something like garage deluxe already existed!! ;) how funny ;)) ok, it's pretty late (or early) so i better go to bed.. 'nite! :)

Thursday, August 18

happy birthday, petra! :)

(she's gonna kill me for this)

ps> i am going to trnava for the weekend so i might not be on-line till monday.. just that y'all know ;)

destination: brno, czech republic

i love brno. i do consider it my home after all. these days i am realising how much i appreciate living here..

ok, take my appartment. it's just perfect in a way that it provides all i need and far beyond that! starting with the best flatmates evah thru its location (5 minutes away from downtown, 2 minutes to the forest, 1 minute to grocery store), wonderfully quiet nights (and sometimes days as well), all the equipment in da house (by now we not only have a microwave, a stove, a fridge, a washing machine, a gym and 2 computers, we do have this 24/7 internet connection now!), incredibly reasonable rent and a landlord that doesn't care enough to bother us with his presence (ok, that was a lil rude)..

then take brno itself - to those of you who've been here already it is no use telling how pretty the architecture and city itself is.. set in the woods and with all this greenery in da town, lovely! :) you get this feeling of a village even tho the city itself accommodates somelike 500,000 people! no chance to get bored in here - lots of stores and restaurants, pubs and wineries, movie theaters and galleries ..and clubs :) plus, some cool universities and good job opportunities.. and most importantly, no parents around! (just kidding!) :)

ok, sounds like brno is the best place on earth to live in! i know, i haven't mentioned any disadvantages or wrongs.. not that there wouldn't be any.. i just wanted to express how much i love brno and am thankful for being able to call it home..

period. double period :)

Wednesday, August 17

a sweet memory..

o love that will not let me go..

..i rest my weary soul in thee
i give thee back the life i owe
that in thine ocean depths its flow
may richer, fuller be..

mr. & mrs. smith

i just got back from the movie theater and i think this movie was just awesome! :) well, it was not full of deep thots but i had fun watching every single minute of it and most of all i got some rest..

i just scanned some of the reviews and they don't talk about the movie in superlatives but i think it was a good 'switch off your brain and enjoy' type of movie.. seriously, when they fight and destroy (what they call remodel) the entire house, that's so cool!!! :) i'd never think that fight scenes could be so enjoyable! ;)

2 beautifull people, lots of pretty funny statements, loads of action and broken stuff.. 2 thumbs up! :))

Tuesday, August 16

here are the promised pics..

petra and me during our bicycle day on thursday (i think it was thursday)..

potatoes with spices and salsa ;) soooo yummy!!! :)

my blink ;)

tanicka advertising coke during my choir's trip to austria on saturday..

ivar resting on the bench in austria..
view all the pics from tirnavia austria trip>>

Monday, August 15

back in brno

hey! :) i am back in brno for a couple of days and i survived all the activities in trnava past week! seriously, i had tons of things to do and had tons of some good fun as well!! ;) right now i am ready to go to my bed and sleep for at least 9 hours and tomorrow i am going to check all of your blogs and post some pics from the last week! :) so, good nite! (i really am tired, that's why i make less sense than usuall)

Thursday, August 11

the less you do the more the time flies!

i don't know how i could have thot that this week would go by so slowly and i woudlnt have stuff to do! seriously, i am just chillin out in and around trnava doing nothing more than drinking coffee or kofola and spending time with dear friends.. and the time just flies!!! scary, after all..

big concert thing coming up this saturday in austria with my choir! stano's being excited! ;)

Tuesday, August 9

bad nite..

i finally realised today what it means to sleep bad.. this experience made me appreciate good sleep so much!

so, last nite we had a choir rehearsal here in trnava for the upcoming project we do on saturday in austria and were done by about 9:30pm, then went for a beer (a had a cup of coffee tho) and then went home. i got to bed about 1am since i couldn't sleep (probably the coffee but i never did have probems with that so i'm not sure) and was reading peculiar favor by charlie jones (peculiar person). i had a slight headache but i thot that by morning i will be fine..

in spite of that i couldn't even fall asleep till like 5am 'cause my headache wouldn't go away, it just grew stronger and stronger. at 5am i decided to sit on my bed and after i did that the headache just became unbearable. i felt like i will jump out of the window or something. the sun was rising already. the birds were singing in the trees. i was still awake with a terrible headache.. now, what do you call a nite like that?!!

finally, i got some medicine that i found in my bag and some that i found in the kitchen and then somehow the headache went away around 6am and i finally was able to fall asleep. i slept till 9:30am..

Monday, August 8

august update

wow, this feels like i haven't written anything here in a long time! well, now i have a while to let you know about how i've been doing lately..

but first!!! i got on-line after a week or so and what do i see!! all these cool people getting xanga's and other blogs!!! oh my kidneys!!! :)) so, make sure you visit them! some of these are brand new and some of these are new to me ;)

ok, so first, some of the camp fellas have blogs>
cat(arina) aka slovakmagica (on the left)
first lady jenny (in the middle)
and finally, kelly the 'jozefina' ;) (on the right)

todd willison is posting again! what i am extremely glad about! keep it up, todd! and you guys, fear his dance!!! haha! ;))

now, my fellas dominik, rudo (kuraci vlas) and ethan ledak have their xanga's but the first 2 just started so cheer'em up! ;) plus, kathy lesondak has one as well!!! and i am so sure there are more people i know starting their xangas but there's no way to keep track of that!!! ;)


well, it seems like the summer's gone already! it's already mid-august and i feel like we should still have 3 more months of vacation and sun and water and fun stuff! unfortunately, it's not so. but! this summer's been an extremely good summer so far! it all started with my trip to greece to visit janka and have some 'real' vacation near the sea :)

then the english camp and the christian camp both were just awesome! i wish i could write more about that time but i just don't know where to start.. and, you know, then you get into detail and all these inside jokes and stuff that only people who were right there would understand.. so i think there's not much use in starting with that..

just had to show you this pic of the coolest band ever!! thx, p*!!
i will try to bring you some more pictures or links tho when i get a chance to get to them, k? ;)

the real highlight of post-camp time was camping with da fellas!!! ;)) haha, we had a blast and i will not write about it more 'cause you would be jealous! :) no, the true reason is that both aaron and jano did a great job writing about this.. so check their posts about camping out!!
bloody mosquitos by jano
aaron's post

and now, the past week i've spent with vox (the brno choir) in a lil town called jevicko here in czech republic. once again, it was a terrific week full of singing and fun stuff like eating and sleeping ;), night games, coffee talks, evening walks.. you know what i mean? just a good time with your friends. as i think about that, i am so thankful for having that many good friends around me! in vox i instantly found a group of these peeps and we somehow naturally formed this some kind of click. this past week i had an opportunity to get to know them even better..
and also, once again this was a good opportunity for me to get away from daily troubles and stress and just relax in sort of way. not that i would have that many stressfull events to deal with daily but you know how good it is to just get away sometimes.. does this all make sense? ;)

now, i don't have many pictures from jevicko since my memory card was full i could take more.. but i have some ;)

my vox friends> peca, pavlinka, ondrik (l-r) ;)

visit of a local cemetery (don't ask why)

a cute lil bee (or a big one?) on of the cemetery flowers..

see, i told you i didn't have that many good pics.. just some random ones and tha's it.. but whatevah!!! ;))

ok, gotta say bye for now.. i spent here 2 hours already and haven't checked all of your blogs yet and haven't checked my e-mails AT ALL!!! and my bus to slovakia leaves at 4:35pm!!! help!! ;)) haha!

have a great week! love ya!

there's no hope.
that's it.

thank you.