Sunday, August 21

naomi's new xanga! ;)

ok, this is so cool that all laska moja's have their xanga now!! :)
so please, welcome naomi 'stefka' buser!!! (in da middle) :)

ok, i am leaving for brno again tomorrow! just for 3 days but still.. ;)
this week in trnava's been so good once again! :) had tons of fun, mainly at the building with the saturday nite's lock-in that actually wasn't a lock-in at all!! :) i messed it up and thot that we are going to sleep over there so i brot all these things there like an extra pair of shoes and a nice shirt for the church in da mornin and then i realised.. there's no lock-in! ;(( i am such a loser.. :)))
well, hope your weekend was good too!! ;)
later dudes..


Jano said...

Swyna, ty losah (luuuuza)! You cracked me up!

Kelly said...

Aww, you came for a slumber party but there was no slumber!! Poor Swyna!

stano said...

ok guyz, i just KNEW you would be glad i messed up!! :)) jk

Kelly said...

yeah, i heart blogs too!! Feels like we are all hanging out!! :)