Thursday, August 18

destination: brno, czech republic

i love brno. i do consider it my home after all. these days i am realising how much i appreciate living here..

ok, take my appartment. it's just perfect in a way that it provides all i need and far beyond that! starting with the best flatmates evah thru its location (5 minutes away from downtown, 2 minutes to the forest, 1 minute to grocery store), wonderfully quiet nights (and sometimes days as well), all the equipment in da house (by now we not only have a microwave, a stove, a fridge, a washing machine, a gym and 2 computers, we do have this 24/7 internet connection now!), incredibly reasonable rent and a landlord that doesn't care enough to bother us with his presence (ok, that was a lil rude)..

then take brno itself - to those of you who've been here already it is no use telling how pretty the architecture and city itself is.. set in the woods and with all this greenery in da town, lovely! :) you get this feeling of a village even tho the city itself accommodates somelike 500,000 people! no chance to get bored in here - lots of stores and restaurants, pubs and wineries, movie theaters and galleries ..and clubs :) plus, some cool universities and good job opportunities.. and most importantly, no parents around! (just kidding!) :)

ok, sounds like brno is the best place on earth to live in! i know, i haven't mentioned any disadvantages or wrongs.. not that there wouldn't be any.. i just wanted to express how much i love brno and am thankful for being able to call it home..

period. double period :)

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