Tuesday, August 9

bad nite..

i finally realised today what it means to sleep bad.. this experience made me appreciate good sleep so much!

so, last nite we had a choir rehearsal here in trnava for the upcoming project we do on saturday in austria and were done by about 9:30pm, then went for a beer (a had a cup of coffee tho) and then went home. i got to bed about 1am since i couldn't sleep (probably the coffee but i never did have probems with that so i'm not sure) and was reading peculiar favor by charlie jones (peculiar person). i had a slight headache but i thot that by morning i will be fine..

in spite of that i couldn't even fall asleep till like 5am 'cause my headache wouldn't go away, it just grew stronger and stronger. at 5am i decided to sit on my bed and after i did that the headache just became unbearable. i felt like i will jump out of the window or something. the sun was rising already. the birds were singing in the trees. i was still awake with a terrible headache.. now, what do you call a nite like that?!!

finally, i got some medicine that i found in my bag and some that i found in the kitchen and then somehow the headache went away around 6am and i finally was able to fall asleep. i slept till 9:30am..


cabooga said...

YUCK! I know what headaches are like.. I had 2 years of them.. non-stop! I feel your pain.. hopefully you'll survive the day though and then will just crash tonight and sleep SO well! Either that or you'll be a walking zombie.. which could be pretty funny too! But you need your sleep, so I'll pray for the first!

Kelly said...

Well, check out my website!! It will make you feel better after a restless night to know you were caught on FILM hating my shorts!! ;)

Kelly said...

Oh, Stefano, stop denying it!! You just love my lil ol American legs, don't ya? Hee hee hee! JK! Off to eat Indian food with the fam!! ;) Love ya tons!