Sunday, August 28

heidi's leaving soon..

ok, guys, sorry for not posting recently.. just no time to write! you know me, don't you..
there's some stuff that happened since i updated the last, like i attended my first fashion show evah (!!!), i did some cute haircuts and coloring (!!!!), plus i went to a wedding that actually opened a series of weddings that i am going to be a part of.. but i am going to write about all that later..

for now, what i have for you are these pictures of heidi's secret coronation ceremony that took place today afternoon at the B's very own coronation chamber (aka talkroom) in trnava.. enjoy! :)

eli the queen-to-be

coronation jewel transmission 'pod lampou' (under the lamp)

exclusive kitchen collection - PINK FLORAL by slovak homeless artists

i will talk to you guys more from brno again.. this time i'm going there for full three weeks!! ;)
but now i'm off for her goodbye party..


Naomi said...

love love love these pictures!!! especially the one where you are both being oh so serious about this ceremony :) i miss you and your jokes stano!!

cabooga said...

you guys are hilarious... this is why the building is SO much fun!

stano said...

hmm, what are you talkinh about? it WAS a serious ceremony indeed!!!