Tuesday, August 16

here are the promised pics..

petra and me during our bicycle day on thursday (i think it was thursday)..

potatoes with spices and salsa ;) soooo yummy!!! :)

my blink ;)

tanicka advertising coke during my choir's trip to austria on saturday..

ivar resting on the bench in austria..
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Petra* said...

pekne si spravil tie fotky z vecere :)

Kelly said...

Look at that sexy Petra!!! Whoo-hew! That's one hot Slovak lady!! :)

Kelly said...

P.S. I don't know about those shorts, Stanko ;)

stano said...

thx, petra! :)
hey but kel, my shorts might not be cool but at least my legs are fine!!! (just kidding!) :O)