Saturday, August 20

transcontinental connection..

oh, i just got to talk to my dearest friends at the garage deluxe in lakeside, ohio like 5 minutes ago!! :) woo, the other side of the earth! i love phones and icq!! :)
oh, how i miss them and the place itself!! ;(
also, look at this random picture! i googled it and i had no clue that something like garage deluxe already existed!! ;) how funny ;)) ok, it's pretty late (or early) so i better go to bed.. 'nite! :)


cabooga said...

AWE!! Garage DeLuxe! I have an actual picture of it on my blog and on my photobucket site... did you see those pics? Is everybody in Lakeside good??

Naomi said...

Stano!! I hope you haven't been talking about me too much behind my neck, I miss you and all your craziness :) yeah, now i'm online so I can stay updated and talk with all of you in Slovakia!

Kelly said...

Lakeside, Smakeside, everyone knows all the coolest Americans are right here in Mississippi, baby dude! Ha! JK! I'm sure they are fabulous.

stano said...

hey all you guys! :) thx for commenting! hope all of you are doing great!! ;)

carrie, i've seen your pics! i mean, do you have any new ones? ;) dah.. :))

naomi!! oh my kidneys! :) how was europe?! ;) haha, i miss your craziness as well!!! i will make sure i talk to you on-line sometimes! ;)

kel, yeah, right, i think the best ones are in mississippi!! :) or at least the ones with best shorts evah! :)) jk girl..

thatbeverly said...

Hey Stano!
Greetings from Lakeside.
I don't know anything about this blog stuff ...too elderly....but I did want to say hello. We miss you!