Friday, July 29

friday update

listen up! ;) i am sorry i always just have so lil time to write! ;(
some exciting stuff - i am going camping with some awesome friends tonite!! ;) jano, aaronious, we will have a blast! ;)

i really had a great 3 days in brno with my friend tana from trnava and we did a lot of shopping and other fun stuff.. view all the pics!

i will be off for another week after that but i will make sure i post some pics! ;)

miss you kelly!! ;(

kelly, naomi, jodi.. love you guys!

Wednesday, July 27

trip with tana and juro + tana in brno

yeah, we are having a great time! ;) unfortunatelly, no time to write more..

tanicka in one of brno's very own trams.. ;)

Monday, July 25

ok, i'm back!

i know it’s been a long time since i’ve written anything here. i do apologize for that. you know, english camps took 2 weeks of time and twice that much energy so basically what i’m trying to do right now is to rest and get some refreshment.

talking about english camps – we actually had a week of an english camp and a week of a christian camp. the building originally intended to have 2 english camps but because of the lack of students we couldn’t fill english classes for 2 weeks and ended up having just one week of them. this was a great opportunity to have some form of a christian camp the second week. and in my opinion, it turned out to be the best thing ever! ;) there always was a desire to have one and I am glad that this year it actually happened. i am looking forward to the next year already! ;)

once again, these summer camps have proven to be the highlight of “the building” activities. in spite of being rather disorganized most of the time, i think we all did a great job preparing and leading the camp. the greatest thanks go to 3 teams – to wonderful people from faith church in delaware (1st week) and from midway church (2nd week), both of which were different but so awesome! thank you guys for coming and all your amazing work!!! the third team is the building staff which i love to be with anywhere and anytime! ;) very special thanks goes to the peculiar people, ruth and charlie jones, who taught me a lot and made me laugh very frequently! ;) thanks again and come next year as well!

well, i just wanted to let all of you who are reading to know that i am still alive and i am going to continue posting! ;) just in case you’ve been starting to wonder ;) i will also try to post some pics soon.

love you all!

ps> janna loves me. :) and i love janna and i miss her tons! ;(

--> thanks charlie for the pics! ;)

--> a short review of camp by jano

Friday, July 1

i am off for 2 weeks!

yeah, today we are leaving the the building staff for the building english camp 2005! so exciting! ;) we will be staying near trencin in a campground with about 30 staff and 30 students the first week and then the sencond week we will have some kind of a christian camp.
anywayz, be well and behave yourselves! ;) haha.
ps> i'll be back!

i love my trnava choir!

tanicka is zdena! ;)