Friday, July 1

i am off for 2 weeks!

yeah, today we are leaving the the building staff for the building english camp 2005! so exciting! ;) we will be staying near trencin in a campground with about 30 staff and 30 students the first week and then the sencond week we will have some kind of a christian camp.
anywayz, be well and behave yourselves! ;) haha.
ps> i'll be back!


cabooga said...

Behave??? BEHAVE?? I don't think that word is in my vocabulary!

Well, while you guys are off at English Camp, I'll be in Lakeside hanging with those of us who can't be there!!!!!!!!!


Jano said...

UH! We're back. UH!

cabooga said...

hey hey... you're back, right?? Do tell, do tell! (P.s. everybody at Lakeside says HI.. including Ryan and Sara and the buckeys!!)

Anonymous said...

Tusim sa nevies spamatat po campoch... Napis uz nieco.

Anonymous said...

STANO!!!!! ITS YOUR FAV AMERICAN EVER!!!!! I FOUND YOUR SITE!!! YAY! I am so good! Omg I miss u guys so much!!! I was just looking at your site n My Friend said.. who are those people they look fun.. I was like THEY ARE!!! :-D I LOVE THEM!!! aw

Thanks so much for the awesome hair cut n for taking us out Sat night! That was great.!! here my friend wants 2 say something

hi im john i hate the slovic nation

hahahhaha hes so crazy!!!!! He's kidding...really!!! I think ;-)

No seriously he is kidding

I dunno if I should leave so that I am going to. Allright talk 2 u later. Loveyall