Sunday, November 27

party time

a great party with my czech co-bloggers tonite :) well, we look kinda retarded but that's ok. :D

paja, ondrik and swyna

Friday, November 25

happy weekend!

yeah, i will be off-line the whole weekend so i just wanted to wish you a nice snowy weekend and some good rest for those who need it! :) i had a little saturday myself today already 'cause i didn't have to go to work nor to school so i slept in and did some laundry and stuff like that.. and now i'm off for a chtistmas party that we have from work! :D
take care, friends!

concert pictures

hey, here are some pics from the annual tirnavia concert that some of you have been to, enjoy>

looking at these pictures makes me realise how much i love this choir and the people singing in it and reminds me of some really great times spent together!!!

more pics here>

Thursday, November 24

happy thanksgiving!

(c) off the mark


this was really cool 'cause i just had time this afternoon to check your blogs guys and read thru some really interesting stuff and saw some really cool pictures and this one made me laugh so bad! :) just wanted to share it with all of you>

reuben and ashley lesondak

Tuesday, November 22

international complication weekend

hey there.. this weekend was the international complication weekend and i realized how it feels to have minute-by-minute planned schedule, and whatmore, what it means to fail following that schedule.. :) do i make sense? :D
anyhoo, after a refreshing weekend with my friends from trnava i am back at work and school and yes, i am actually studying! :) ttyl

(?) how was your weekend?

Thursday, November 17

holiday's rock!

hey there..
today is a national holiday in the czech republic so there is no work nor school today! :)
i slept in. i got up at 11am and had some really tasty hot latte and watched TV.. it really makes a huge difference to be able to stay in bed in da morning instead of getting up at around 6.30 and freezing all sleepy on the way to work..
i was about 40°F during the day and it was probably the last nice day of this year so i went out to the wood for a run. it was so cool, relaxing and refreshing!!! i realised that this will most probably be the last winter living in this great place in brno. how weird that feels..
i planned on working on some school and teaching stuff today but i just keep bomming around (is that a word?)..
well, i hope you guys are having a great day as well! :D

Monday, November 14

the weekend's over..

hey there..
the weekend's over but it's been so good!! the concert tonite was fun and i had a great tiem singing.. the church was seriously packed!! :) i am looking forward to this week a lot just because .. i simply am! :)

indroducing 2 new bloggers> give a huge shout out to my co-singers, paja and ondrik! (both blogs in czech) i love you guys! :)

Friday, November 11

cherries and weekends

hey guys, i am so glad you liked the photostory :) i really had so much fun that nite! today i realised how important it is for me to have fun in order to get some good mental rest.. i love to be around my flatmates in brno and be my crazy little self 'cause i know they will be fine with that :) i also think that i'm learning how to appreciate weekends more.. this week has been so busy! and i really felt so exhausted today! after finishing the last class of the week this morning i took a nap and, seriously, it felt SO good!!! :] i'm a little hyper at the moment because i've just swiped a tall latte and the whole bottle of cherry coke (which petra thinks is not so cherry as one would expect it to be :P) and the caffeine intake would be sufficient for a sleepless nite :) but i am glad that i am not feeling tired anymore!!!

the highlights of the weekend to come>
---> sleeping in on saturday morning
---> hanging out with my flatmates
---> singing a cool concert on sunday nite

well, have a great weekend and keep enjoying life!! :)

can you tell? :)

Thursday, November 10

happy birthday, andrzej!

l-r> andrzej, breta, me and janka

janka's polish friend from her studies in greece - andrzej was - is spending some time with us this week in brno and it was his 25th birthdaytwo days ago. janka and other flatmates prepared a little party for him. it was a lot of fun (if you don't know what i'm talking about, read the previos post)

more pictures from andy's birthday party>

"want to get to know ya!"

during andy's birthday party all of the flatmates were having tons of fun! :) i was listening to the radio and singing a song that went like "..i want to get to know ya! get to know ya!..." and i guess that the rest of the party thot i was having way too much fun so they decided to cool me down!!! here's the story>

1. singing "get to know ya" song :)

2. "get to know ya!" again

3. ok, i guess i was too annoying..

4. i got thrown into a tub with my clothes on!!!

5. well, they surely had fun..

6. but hey, i ain't givin' up that easy!! :) continuing in singing "get to know ya!"

7. i really got soaking wet.. a bummer, huh?

8. hey, but nay! :) i've got an idea!!

9. "my clothes needed a wash anyway" rubbin' it in.. (the washing powder) :)))

10. just rinse it and it's all done!

11. don't forget about the socks..

12. caution! slippery! :)

13. "no mom, i'm busy.. i am doing my laundry right now.. "