Friday, November 11

cherries and weekends

hey guys, i am so glad you liked the photostory :) i really had so much fun that nite! today i realised how important it is for me to have fun in order to get some good mental rest.. i love to be around my flatmates in brno and be my crazy little self 'cause i know they will be fine with that :) i also think that i'm learning how to appreciate weekends more.. this week has been so busy! and i really felt so exhausted today! after finishing the last class of the week this morning i took a nap and, seriously, it felt SO good!!! :] i'm a little hyper at the moment because i've just swiped a tall latte and the whole bottle of cherry coke (which petra thinks is not so cherry as one would expect it to be :P) and the caffeine intake would be sufficient for a sleepless nite :) but i am glad that i am not feeling tired anymore!!!

the highlights of the weekend to come>
---> sleeping in on saturday morning
---> hanging out with my flatmates
---> singing a cool concert on sunday nite

well, have a great weekend and keep enjoying life!! :)

can you tell? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Stano!! WE had a good laugh! Loved your photo op. If you need some help with that laundry Aaron will be here at Christmas....Kathy

Daska said...

Stanko ahoj,tento obrazok mi pripomenul, ako sme ich kedysi lustili a ako Ti to dobre islo.A kedze som Tvoj "predok" aj ja to viem.Na obrazku je zena ako pije z flase.Podla tvaru hlavy je to cernoska.Maj sa a este nejake uverejni.Mum

Cullenmarina said...

Hey there Stano!

It's great to read your blog and see that you are so well and so happy. Good stuff.

So tell this one of those pictures that if you focus through it you see a 3D image? Or is it something else. I looked and looked, but not yet.

Hey, take care buddy and if you're ever passing through the middle east...!

cullen & marina