Thursday, November 17

holiday's rock!

hey there..
today is a national holiday in the czech republic so there is no work nor school today! :)
i slept in. i got up at 11am and had some really tasty hot latte and watched TV.. it really makes a huge difference to be able to stay in bed in da morning instead of getting up at around 6.30 and freezing all sleepy on the way to work..
i was about 40°F during the day and it was probably the last nice day of this year so i went out to the wood for a run. it was so cool, relaxing and refreshing!!! i realised that this will most probably be the last winter living in this great place in brno. how weird that feels..
i planned on working on some school and teaching stuff today but i just keep bomming around (is that a word?)..
well, i hope you guys are having a great day as well! :D


cabooga said...

I do that all the time... I always have the best of intentions but then I just end up doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and I love it, of course! :)

We got SNOW last night... it's so great, EVERYTHING is covered and it's beautiful! About time we got some snow... it's just around the corner for you guys!!!

timmmdogg said...

close stano... the word is bummming around. and yes, that sounds exactly like what you were doing!

kel said...

that's deaf serious, it's bumming, but bomming sounds like fun too--;)
so glad you had some time to relax

stano said...

hey thanks guys for that correction :)
yeah, it really was some good time to relax indeed! :)
carrie, i am so jealous of you because of the snow!!! :) it's not cold enough here yet tho to get snow but i believe that it's coming soon, too.

filipka said...

aha, aj ja uz som mala naplanovane co vsetko sa budem ucit cez volny den a ako sa budem pripravovat do skoly a nakoniec som skoncila v builde a potom v tescu s dominikom a ninkou a monikou:))

Anonymous said...

I think you were really "bomming behind our necks", not "bumming around":)

aaronius is back! said...

hey you crazy Slovakian chemist you! How's is going man!??? Dude! you need to stop by sometime REALLY soon beeeeecaaauuse.....I going to be in town in a few weeeks! Yeah baby! You know what that means? IT MEANS TWO CRAZY MC's.....IN THE SAME COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHh how much can slovakia handle brother man?

aaronius said...

by the way...nice try on "Bomming" Its bumming just in case you haven't heard yet

cabooga said...

Eric asked me to talk in front of church last night... he wanted me to put a plug in for the Poland Mission trip that Redeemer is taking next summer... I told him I don't think I could promote something that didn't invovle Slovakia :) but that eric, he's a sly one and somehow he coaxed me into getting up front and telling people to go to Poland. Don't worry, I'M not going to Poland, if I ever get enough money I'm buying a one way ticket to a place that starts with a "T" and ends with a "rnava" !!!! :0 It was fun to talk about international mission trips though because I got to tell the whole church AGAIN about how much I LOVE SLOVAKIA and how much the trips, the experiences and the people changed my life! Have I ever mentioned that I love you guys!?!?!?

Hope you're having a great week... tell all I say hi!