Thursday, November 24

happy thanksgiving!

(c) off the mark


this was really cool 'cause i just had time this afternoon to check your blogs guys and read thru some really interesting stuff and saw some really cool pictures and this one made me laugh so bad! :) just wanted to share it with all of you>

reuben and ashley lesondak


tiney said...

Hey Stano!! I love that "Off The Mark" picture!! That's great!! Hope all is well with you!! Love ya!!

aaron said...

yo stano, I laughed pretty hard at that cartoon picture. You're funny dude! I love you man and I can't wait to see you when I get there! SOOO much to tell you about man!

kelly said...

I don't know what's funny about that. We really did have spotted owl at our Thanksgiving dinner. NO!! Just kidding, Stanko!! I miss you!!! I promise to update my blog soon. LOVE! K