Thursday, November 10

"want to get to know ya!"

during andy's birthday party all of the flatmates were having tons of fun! :) i was listening to the radio and singing a song that went like "..i want to get to know ya! get to know ya!..." and i guess that the rest of the party thot i was having way too much fun so they decided to cool me down!!! here's the story>

1. singing "get to know ya" song :)

2. "get to know ya!" again

3. ok, i guess i was too annoying..

4. i got thrown into a tub with my clothes on!!!

5. well, they surely had fun..

6. but hey, i ain't givin' up that easy!! :) continuing in singing "get to know ya!"

7. i really got soaking wet.. a bummer, huh?

8. hey, but nay! :) i've got an idea!!

9. "my clothes needed a wash anyway" rubbin' it in.. (the washing powder) :)))

10. just rinse it and it's all done!

11. don't forget about the socks..

12. caution! slippery! :)

13. "no mom, i'm busy.. i am doing my laundry right now.. "


Pája said...

Hahaaa, very funny! Tak tomuhle se říká pořádný fotopříběh. :) A způsob praní se mi taky líbí... Staníku, přijdeš takhle někdy umýt i mé prádlo? ;-))

cabooga said...

hahaha.. seems like every so often you get thrown in the tub, didn't you get thrown in the tub the night of that "girls + Stano + Jano" party at Matkas? I LOVE the pics and I'm glad that you guys are able to have so much fun... you need that amongst the chaos of life!
Cheers Friend!

kel said...

Stano got wet!!!!!!! Hee hee!!! :)

P* said...

Akoze cely ty!!!

segg said...

ahoj Staniku :)) super fotky, sa tu kosim a ludia od okolitych pocitacov kukaju ako by som bola blazon. Super.

timmmdogg said...