Sunday, October 30

simply me.. :)

hey guys.. i am trying to update more often but it is rather unreal.. :) hope you all are having a great sunday! 'cause i am! :) the whole weekend i spent with my choir practising for the big concert next week so that those of you who are coming will have fun! :) and, i had a good lunch and coffee at my mother's house just a while ago (she'll be glad i wrote that :) and now i am waiting for petra and we will go to the hymn sing at miriam's and megan's..

last weekend was really cool, too! mrrr, beth and gina came to czech republic and we went to "darwin and design" conference in prague together.. the conference was really cool and after that we went to brno for another fun time.. of course went shopping to h&m.. :) we had tons of fun even tho we were so tired! they left for trnava on monday morning..

due to lack of sleep the night before the confrerence, past week was really physically tiring.. i was teaching a lot and going to school too (which seldom happens anyway) and on thursday i crashed.. i was suuposed to go to school and teach some after the lecture but i overslept and i just couldn't get out of bed.. so i took 6 extra hours and instead of getting up at 6.30am i made it out of bed by 12.30... :)))

well, hope this week will be better!! :)) haha
have a good one!


Erin said...

Hey Stano! Its great to see that you are doing well, and also what you are up to these days! Have fun at your concert, I wish that I could come :) haha thanks for putting my picture up...i feel special! Have a great day!

aaron said...

Stano! I am so jealous that you are shopping at H&M...what an amazing, marvelous store! Shall we go when I get there in a MONTH AND A HALF! BOOO YEAH! I really miss Slovakia!
There was a Czech Orchestra called Primavera that came to our church and I hung out with them like ALLLL weekend! It was really cool to be with them and try and talk to them in their funky czech language! :) See you lata brothaaaa!

cabooga said...

how did that line waiting go for you!?!? =)

Good to talk to you today my friend!

segga said...

cau swyna, lubi sa mi swyna jr. :)) aj mam podobnu, ale vola sa kroch a ma viac farby :)))
maj sa netrapne :)

Katka said...

HALUZICE zdravia great SWYNU s VELKYM S!
guess what!i was also shopping in great-supa HndM.moje uspory dostali smrtelny uder.hmmm.nevermind.rozmyslam,ze buduci weekend skocim do prahy na dalsi zatah do HndM.mmm,tomu sa neda odolat.
with love