Tuesday, October 25

pictures of my friends..

hey guys, i was just looking at all of your blogs after some time and found some really cool pictures i would like to share with all of you!! enjoy! :)

erin andrews as a cowgirl @ Mrs_Legolas82

rebekah and max (aka mary) @ dale and susan ellison

mad babysitting skilz @ timmmblogg

aaronious @ flipka's xanga

ethan, jenny and aaron @ First_Lady_Jenny

kate miner and her sweet nephew mark @ kate's blogspot

noah temple and his sweet niece lucy @ noha's slovak xanga :)

naomi with her boyfriend @ tiny dancer

"did you love it? i loved it.."



cabooga said...

and why aren't I on here???

hehehe, just kidding! Everybody looks so cute! =)

Hope all is well!

domino99 said...

cau asi ta sklamem ale dnes sa asi neuvidime lebo som v Bratislave na tej operacii
ale ajtatak dik za kcommentt

Kel said...

Well, I guess I will have to post some actual pictures of MYSELF sometime!! ;) xoxo Love the pics!

aaron lesondak said...

yeah baby! you rock dude! Those pictures are totally awesome! Unbelievable! I made it on there twice!! Cool
You rock dude!

Tiney said...

Who wouldn't love your pictures Stano?? I loved them!! Hope all is well with you!! Love & miss you!!