Tuesday, October 11

fall weather

on my way from school today i walked thru a forest we have close to our appartment in brno and it was so pretty! i have to take off both of my sweaters (for the morning was too chilly for a shirt) and i regreted not having my camera with me.. the evening sun was shining thru the leaves of red and gold and it felt so good.. just wanted top share this moment of joy with you! :D

otherwise i'm extra busy this week. i don't think it is physically possible to live this way for too long. but after this weekend i shall have more time to rest and have some fun..

matka's and jano's wedding on saturday was fabulous! :) they were both supercute and seemed really happy to me. i will post some pictures later. congratulations!! :)

i'm sorry i don't have time to check your blogs, but i love you and miss you all!


naoomeee said...

mmm, how many layers of sweaters were you wearing there mr. Stefano???

stano said...

:)) hehe, yeah, i know, me and my layers.. :) if you really wanna know - four.. only four :)