Wednesday, October 5

busy, busy, busy...

norah jones

today started off as a crappy day but eventually turned out well.. i was teaching three 90-minute-long classes and almost lost my voice at the end.. the highlights of the day were a huge plate of delish chinese for lunch, reading prince caspian on the bus, listening to the idea of north, some pizza and pepsi (!!!) for dinner, few minutes in H&M with janka, a chat with sick and tired flatmates, and as for right now, listening to norah jones.. hope to get some good sleep tonite too for i don't have to get up at 6am again tomorrow.. i'm having a class about my master thesis tomorrow at 10 so i'm rather excited, considering it's about time i was actually doing something school-related :) on friday i have a big concert in czechia (aka western part of the czech republic, also bohemia) which will be good but tireing.. also, i'm really looking forward to jano's and matka's wedding this coming saturday!!! (which is going to be SO lovely by the way! :) i will make sure i keep you posted about that!)
well, seems like it's getting busy again.. :))

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Cullenmarina said...


It's great to have this "window" into your world. It sounds like you've got a fun and full life. Come visit us in the UAE if you're ever interested!
cullen & marina (& myles too!)