Monday, October 30

winter's here..

i saw the devil last night--wearing prada, of course.
the weekend in trnava was cool. except for the way back to brno. i tried out taking 9.44 bus last night--full. 11.25--full. thus today, after 4 hrs of non-refreshing sleep and 4 hrs of non-heated bus trip, i feel like a peace of crap.
at least there are some good news about my school tho. i feel very determined not to give it up.

Friday, October 13

gotta love'em

my profesor entirely changed the topic for my diploma thesis (again!) so i gotta start from scratch this time.. the whole reasearch from last year and hundreds of read pages and printed materials can be thrown away.. great! gotta love school!!!

Tuesday, October 3

at the station

petra and me at trnava train station

this is an older picture but i like it (thx johny!).. other than the picture there are no news really.. i'm back at work.. so.. gotta work! :P