Monday, October 30

winter's here..

i saw the devil last night--wearing prada, of course.
the weekend in trnava was cool. except for the way back to brno. i tried out taking 9.44 bus last night--full. 11.25--full. thus today, after 4 hrs of non-refreshing sleep and 4 hrs of non-heated bus trip, i feel like a peace of crap.
at least there are some good news about my school tho. i feel very determined not to give it up.


Noah Tempel said...

Hey stano. I miss you man. I put some stuff up on my xanga just for you. I'll talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

Yay for good news about school! Don't give up, you put too much time in already. Get that piece of paper or else!

I only have a little over a month until the end of my semester and then I can mostly relax because there can't be anything else they can throw at me. Just the one last class and they have to give me my degree! My "thesis" is due Nov. 28th!


Vanda said...

CAf stanoo, ja len tak ze vsetko najlepsie k meninam, ked uz je toho trinasteho dnes...