Tuesday, November 21

just an update..

ireland by sheggi

this is where i'm going to spend this new year's eve!! ;)
i'm busy again teaching - it's great. i had 2 classes today and my students and i had a blast on both of them.
school stuff is coming together - got an appointment on friday w/professor.
janka laukova is coming for a short visit in brno on thursday! exciting! ;)
vox had a great concert on sunday night here in brno. was glad to be a part of it.
see you guys in trnava on the weekend!!! :))


petra* said...

fu swyna! jak sa ja uz tesim? konecne dovolenka. Zevraj tam ma byt inak nejake extremne pocasie... uvidzime! Dovi v sobotu!

Carrie said...

mm.. I was thinking of you today. I went out for lunch with Amber yesterday and it just reminded me of how much I miss you all! I love you and happy Thanksgiving...