Friday, May 27

have a great weekend! ;)

i'm done with school for this week! and - fortunatelly - i will return to school next thursday! :))
well, just wanted to wish all of you a great weekend! (whether you are in slovakia, czech republic or the us or else) ;))

pics from poland (gliwice)

some time ago tirnavia choir went to gliwice for a festival i've mentioned before. here are some pics:


this weird thing we saw in the botanical garden..

and we couldn't believe it! ;)) ha-ha

Tuesday, May 24

some pictures from last week

friday's open-museum night (technical museum, brno)

sunset above havlickova street

school excursion at refuse incineration plant "sako", brno

Friday, May 20

more pictures from greece on jan(k)a's blog

jan(k)a finaly posted pictures!!
you can view pictures from may (zuzka's and verca's visit) and pictures from lesondak's and 4 american girls' (well, guess who the are;)) visit in greece..
thx, jan(k)a, 4 sharing!! ;)))

Thursday, May 19


-> i have so much school stuff to finish! (and no time except night hours)

-> i have 2 jobs! ;) both of them are in brno and have officially started on monday. i do teach at the language school (i mean i am going to ;)) and i do translate advertisements from czech to english

-> i am leaving to slovakia for the weekend. i will leave brno on saturday morning (due to the late nite friday meeting from the language school) and probably return on sunday nite or monday morning

-> my grandma broke her leg last week.. she is a very active person so it is hard for her to just sit or lie in the bed. i am going to visit her on saturday

-> (most probably) i am going to visit jan(k)a in greece for 10 days next month! i will know for sure that i'm going when i will be able to pay for the plane ticket tomorrow

hamiltons> new baby boy

in case you haven't heard, charles eldon hamilton was born on may 11, 2005. he weighed 10 pounds, 7 ounces and was 21 and 1/2 inches long. visit him! :)
congrats to ryan, sarah and isabel!!! ;)

Friday, May 13

pictures! ;)

ok, i don't have much time to write now, so here are some pics from this week's events instead:

girls were fun (monday)

shopping was fun & exhausting ;)

school trip was good - austria is beautiful (wednesday)

pöls - paper and pulp company - is very ecological (thursday)

well, that's about it..
and yes, i am starting teaching in tlc on monday! ;)) thx to all who crossed their fingers (and toes, carrie, thx!) ;)
have a great weekend everyone!!
(talk to you on monday)

Tuesday, May 10

a quick up-date

hey there ;)
this is just a quick up-date.. i am in the internet cafe here in brno, sipping my "vienna coffee" and trying to do some stuff on-line in advance since i am leaving for a 2-day-long trip to austria with my school tomorrow early morning..
so, what's new? :) first of all, i miss you guys all so much!! those who are in trnava, or elsewhere in slovakia, or in greece, or in the usa.. i really do!
mir, heidi, janna and megan went back to trnava this morning after such a great time we've had together shopping and doing fun stuff here in brno (well, mostly shopping but it was a lot of fun! :)) thx guys for coming! :))
i had an interview at the language school about an hour ago.. seems like they will like to hire me to teach a couple of classes so i'm excited! i will know for sure by the end of the week.. cross your fingers for me, please!! ;)
well, i guess i gotta go to get ready for tomorrow's trip!

Friday, May 6

polish lake

i finally downloaded pictures from poland from my camera to the pc.. made me kinda blue..

like the lord of the rings?

thx, zdenka!

Thursday, May 5

bad student

i'm such a bad student.. i signed up for an exam yesterday and i had to take it today.. of course, i was not ready to take it 'cause i didn't have any time to study.. so i went to talk to the teacher about my situation and she said that she was not very happy about it but i can take the exam next friday instead.. i'm a dork.

so, instead of being stressed out and trying to learn as much stuff as possible in 2 hours, i went out for a lunch and a cup of good coffee with some classmates ;) that was the good part of the day.. :)

now i have to get ready to go to napajedla 'cause i'm having a concert with vox there at 7pm. it will be cool 'cause my mom and grandma and some more people i know will come all that way to czech republic to see the concert!! ;) (even tho it's not that far away from slovakia but still)

there will be more concerts - one on friday nite and one more on monday nite.. i've posted the flier for those some time ago already.. i'm excited - it will be a big piece of very strong eastern music.. plus, i will have some really great audience on monday! ;))

later guys..

life of viktor

viktor is a little crawfish.. actually, he was. one day he crawled out of his little aquarium and d(r)ied out on the floor..

this crazy story of viktor (only in czech but you can look at the pictures from viktor's funeral!) comes from my flatmate koby (breta). viktor was a pet of his working team at his job. thx for a link, koby! ;)

Wednesday, May 4

greek swine

what should i blog about if not about swine!!! :) this is how swine live in greece. thx, jan(k)a!

Tuesday, May 3

superstar - supertour

songs for the tour>

Robo Mikla
Kým ťa mám Robo Grigorov
Rebel Yell Billy Idol

Katka Koščová
You Had Me Joss Stone
You Ought To Know Alanis Morissette

Tomáš Bezdeda
Malý Princ Aya
Hľadám No Name

Miro Jaroš
Boro Boro Arash
Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode

Zdenka Predná
Fallin´ A.Keys
Can´t Take My Eyes L.Hill

Samo Tomeček
Wherever You Will Go Calling
You Are so Beautiful J.Cocker

Peter Konček
I Believe I Can Fly R.Kelly
In A Rush Black Street

Petra Humeňanská
Love Of My Life Queen
Black Velvet A.Myles

Peter Kotuľa
Leve´s Divine Seal
With Or Without You U2

Martina Šindlerová
Stop S.Brown
Left Outside Alone Anastacia

Martin Kelecsényi
Feel R.Wiliams
It´s My Life Bon Jovi

help!! i'm addicted!

i really think this is not healthy anymore. after a week of the internet isolation i cannot pluck myself away from the computer!!! i 'm addicted to blogging (if it includes checking blogs).. i was supposed to work on some school stuff but it just doesn't work ;) too tired of it maybe :)

there were some good news today - i've got a part time job offer recently and have successfully managed an interview for next thursday today. whatmore, i got another offer in the morning to work for the company i've worked for some time ago (translating advertisements czech to english).. what? 2 job offers within a week? (!!!) haha..

well, gotta work on some school stuff indeed..
later dudes..

i'm back! ;)

hey guys..
i'm back from poland but i am so busy right now with school that i will talk to you later ;)
just wanted to let you know that i'm alive! :P

i found this most extremely funny picture of myself when a friend of mine cut my hair 2 years ago.. i look like a terrorist! :)