Tuesday, May 10

a quick up-date

hey there ;)
this is just a quick up-date.. i am in the internet cafe here in brno, sipping my "vienna coffee" and trying to do some stuff on-line in advance since i am leaving for a 2-day-long trip to austria with my school tomorrow early morning..
so, what's new? :) first of all, i miss you guys all so much!! those who are in trnava, or elsewhere in slovakia, or in greece, or in the usa.. i really do!
mir, heidi, janna and megan went back to trnava this morning after such a great time we've had together shopping and doing fun stuff here in brno (well, mostly shopping but it was a lot of fun! :)) thx guys for coming! :))
i had an interview at the language school about an hour ago.. seems like they will like to hire me to teach a couple of classes so i'm excited! i will know for sure by the end of the week.. cross your fingers for me, please!! ;)
well, i guess i gotta go to get ready for tomorrow's trip!


Carrie said...

My fingers and toes are crossed for you... yes, I know (*ehm, takes a bow) I'm talented beyond belief!

svoko said...

aj ja ti drzim palce a modlim sa za teba.

svoko said...

caf swynka, ako bolo v Rakusku? ides tento vikend do tt? mam na teba question - v tom photobuckete musis nejako upravovat fotky, ked ich tam vkladas? alebo ich tam len nahras? hladam totiz najrychlejsiu cestu ako postovat pictures.diky.