Thursday, May 19


-> i have so much school stuff to finish! (and no time except night hours)

-> i have 2 jobs! ;) both of them are in brno and have officially started on monday. i do teach at the language school (i mean i am going to ;)) and i do translate advertisements from czech to english

-> i am leaving to slovakia for the weekend. i will leave brno on saturday morning (due to the late nite friday meeting from the language school) and probably return on sunday nite or monday morning

-> my grandma broke her leg last week.. she is a very active person so it is hard for her to just sit or lie in the bed. i am going to visit her on saturday

-> (most probably) i am going to visit jan(k)a in greece for 10 days next month! i will know for sure that i'm going when i will be able to pay for the plane ticket tomorrow

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