Wednesday, October 26

about the previous post..

ok, ok, i have to say this - the previous entry didn't show pictures of my only friends, nor my only best friends, nor anything more confusing.. i just posted SOME pictures of SOME of my good friends.. so kelly, carrie, and others - i didn't mean to offend you.. even tho i didn't post your pictures, you are my friends and i love you !!! :)))
is that clear enough? :)


cabooga said...

you goob, I was just kidding.. I know that, but thanks! =)

kel said...

I suppose it's clear enough ;) Haha. Later gator.

Stevka said...

well I feel pretty special to be posted, makes me feel like a rockstar or something to randomly find my picture places :) dear Stefano i love it!

Dale and Susan Ellison said...

I am so glad we made the list!
Stano rocks!

filipka said...

ja som tam tez nebola a nenervacim.... ale mohol si ma tam dat...... :)))

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Janna said...

Yeah right, I know the truth.