Friday, July 29

friday update

listen up! ;) i am sorry i always just have so lil time to write! ;(
some exciting stuff - i am going camping with some awesome friends tonite!! ;) jano, aaronious, we will have a blast! ;)

i really had a great 3 days in brno with my friend tana from trnava and we did a lot of shopping and other fun stuff.. view all the pics!

i will be off for another week after that but i will make sure i post some pics! ;)

miss you kelly!! ;(

kelly, naomi, jodi.. love you guys!


mishka said...

Nazdar pane kolego, hezke fotky hezke i mne chybeji americke kolegyne. Ale vy pane kolego si poradne vuzite to kempovani a prosim vas vratte se ziv a zdrav!
Vase milovana za velkou mlakou soucane zijici kolegyne

Tiney said...

STANO!!! I'm so glad you found my xanga page!!! What's going on?? How are you?? I'm liking the pictures on your site very much!! Well I hope all is well with you!!
much love,

Jano said...

I do miss Kelly too. However, we're going camping tonite and that's gonna be waaaay tooo coooool!!!!

cabooga said...


mm, yeah, that's all I've got to say about that! =)

Anonymous said...

Aww! KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay. Great update! :-D!

cabooga said...

News Alert: Stano has seemingly fallen off the face of the earth... just kidding... I'm sure you're around somewhere! I just wanted to say HEY and let you know that I was thinking of you today!

Kelly said...

Hey! Did I give permission for some random Slovak guy to paste me up on his Internet page?? I mean, I know I'm hot stuff, but really, I expect some money for my picture or something!! ;) Ha!! Oh, my dear Stanko, I've been half loving Santa Fe and half bored out of my mind (but I leave tomorrow so hopefully will not be as bored, so hopefully will not BORE YOU with ridiculous updates on my boring self--i feel kind of pathetic and sad with all my blogging now--like my poor little dorky self going, "Please come play with me!!" HA!)!! So I made myself this Xanga page that SUCKS right now, but will be better I promise!! Love from your bored Jojka!! PS, even though I am ancient 28 and I just had my name day, I was the youngest person in my program here!! I feel like a little baby girl, so you can't tease me about being old anymore cause I'm not!! :) Anyway, next month or next year or whenever you come back to us in blog-world, visit my Xanga and leave me a post, so I don't feel so pitiful!! :) Hugs!! PS, got a FABULOUS necklace yesterday!! So SJP!! Santa Fe has GREAT shops (and great margaritas!! hee-hee!! Janka would love!!) Lenka says her grandmother was also named Jozefina. I still like the name. :)


stano said...

7 comments?! :) oh my kidneys!! ;)) thanks guys!
i'm not dead yet tho..