Wednesday, August 17

mr. & mrs. smith

i just got back from the movie theater and i think this movie was just awesome! :) well, it was not full of deep thots but i had fun watching every single minute of it and most of all i got some rest..

i just scanned some of the reviews and they don't talk about the movie in superlatives but i think it was a good 'switch off your brain and enjoy' type of movie.. seriously, when they fight and destroy (what they call remodel) the entire house, that's so cool!!! :) i'd never think that fight scenes could be so enjoyable! ;)

2 beautifull people, lots of pretty funny statements, loads of action and broken stuff.. 2 thumbs up! :))


cabooga said...

yeah.. I guess I have been updating more, that's what happens when you have no life (and no job), I f'sh have nothing better to do than comment on blogs and update... I mean, I could be cleaning my room and packing up my junk, but that would be to easy! =)

stano said...

haha, you crack me up carrie!!!! ;)) yeah, i found myself in a position where i have almost no job, almost no classes and absolutely no money.. :)) but i am more than unable to clean my room! maybe in da morning ;)) (ha, such a bad excuse)

cabooga said...

I'm glad I'm not the only procrastinator... it really seems that when I have nothing that I have to do I can't get anything done. It's weird.. maybe it's a sickness.. er, maybe not... =)

stano said...