Thursday, April 21

what kind of american english do i speak?

swyna's linguistic profile

70% general american english

15% yankee

10% upper midwestern

5% midwestern

0% dixie


Eli said...

Stano, I think effort should count for more than 0%:-)

stano said...

yeah! indeed it should!!! ;))

Carrie said...

Hahaha, yes that was candy... how'd you know? I wanted to wear a choker necklace, but couldn't find my shnazzy black one and my super cool silver one was at home. So I found my candy necklace in my cupboard and figured that'd be good... I know, I'm strange!

stano said...

no, carrie, you are not strange! ;)) i really liked the candy necklace :)) it's sweet!! :)