Tuesday, April 12

i am such a fool..

i just got to school and thot that i have no classes today - i met my classmates and we agreed on going for lunch but they said they were in a hurry due to the class they have to take at noon. it was weird to me 'cause we have most of the classes together - fortunately, they told me that i have to take the class as well!! and whatmore, it is a very important class considering our final paper and important stuff like that.. wow, i am such a moron..

edit> i borrowed p*'s idea of editing the post (how much do i owe you, p? ;)) ..i've just had the class mentioned above - i became really curios about my diploma thesis - we were shown different laboratories that are available to sign up for our diploma thesis research and some of them were really nicely equiped.. i shall start doing the research by the beginning of next semester.. cool! ;)


Carrie said...

hahaha, that's one job interview that I'd fail! You're talking to the most mechanically challenged person out there!

hahaha about the class thing. With this spring weather I seem to be losing my mind. I forgot I had class the other day too... but that was because I thought it was Tusday and it was actually Wednesday! My days keep blending together and I can't keep anything straight!! SO ready for summer vacation! OH, wait, that won't happen till I finish my two summer classes in August... boo for summer school.

stano said...

boo for summer school.. that's about right.. ;(
the spring weather here in czech republic is turning into the summer weather what i definitely love! ;) i am wearing my flip-flops and long pants! haha.. people are giving me all these weird looks that i am a fool for wearing summer "shoes".. i don't care tho.. :)
so what's your plan for today?

Carrie said...

My plan is to be super lazy and avoid all of that pressing homework and papers... I will brave out in my sandals and snazzy cool shirts, enjoy the sunshine and then go SWING dancing tonight! wOOt! And your plans??

stano said...

woo! sounds like a perfect plan! ;)
how was the swing dancing? ;)
i didn't have much planned for yesterday but in the evening i actually studied!!! ;) wow, that doesn't happen to me nearly at all.. but it was good tho. ;)

Carrie said...

WHAT?? I think I have to call the press.. YOU (??) STUDIED (??) ??? =)

Petra* said...

Stanko, you owe me a latte in Max! lol

stano said...

haha, there you go, pechra!!!! ;))