Tuesday, January 10

got better :)

hey there guys! :) i'm healthy again and enjoying life, such as work and school!! JK :) But nay, work has been fun lately and school is comming out all right so far.. i'm just glad i'm feeling better, that's it.

having no internet connection at the apartment is being worse than i've expected it to be.. i can check my e-mails and your blogs and update my blog only at school now and i hardly go to school once a week these days.. :( but anyhooz, i am here now so here comes a short update! :D

saturday lunch - chili con carne, fresh salad and wine

crazy flatmates

over this past weekend i stayed in brno and it was a great decision after all - after spending some quality time with my flatmates and having a really cool lunch we went to see the lion, the witch and the wardrobe in a movie theater here in brno.. even tho it was in czech and we had to sit in a second row it was a highlight of me week (together with church on sunday nite)! :] i cried half of the movie 'cause it was just so cool to watch! in words of LL, i deff/ loved it! :)

more at janka's blog!


Anonymous said...

Ahoj Stankoooooooooooooo!!!! Prave vyuzivam svoj talent na pisanie commentov na tvojom blogu:]]]]!!!! Vyzera to tak ze mate naozaj zabavu:]!!! Drzim palce aby vsetko vychadzalo:]! Dufam, ze sa coskoro uvidime a to nie tak ze na tri minuty:)! pozdravuj monika

Anonymous said...

onosa to podarilooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiney said...

Ahoj Stano!! Ako sa mas? Co nove?
Nice pictures!! I'm glad you're feeling better too!! Miss you!!
Maj sa pekne!!
Lubim ta,

kelly said...

That chili looks, good, laska moja!!! Miss cooking with you!

seggi said...

ahoj santo, super blaznive fotky zas ;)) ako inak. nech ti ten cas pokracuje v take nalade aj dalej :))) chybas mi !