Wednesday, March 1

looong winter

gosh, this winter's been extremely long! today it snowed again!! and it's march already!!! i'm tired of it..
hope you all've been doing good. i am fine here in brno, teaching as usually. i've been sick a little this week, just sore throat tho (i hope it will go away soon). that's all from my boring life :)
(even tho is usually not this boring)

dear friends, i miss you!


tiney said...

Ahoj Stano!! Ako sa mas? I haven't heard from you in a while. How's the teaching going? Well, I hope your sore throat goes away soon!! Talk to you later!! Lubim ta!!

Your favorite American ever- First Lady Jenny said...

Stano!! I miss you! My firend and I are talking about backpacking through Europe in June so we should meet up!!